Introduce yourself πŸ‘‹

Hello! :wave:

New to the Emma Community? Welcome aboard!

We’re thrilled to have you. I’m Edoardo, co-founder of Emma.

In my case, I like:

:hammer_and_wrench: Building things
:chocolate_bar: Nutella
:ramen: Ramen
:sushi: Sushi
:cat2: Cats

Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you’re into. :point_down::point_down:


Grant :wave:t2:

High on my list include:

:man_technologist:t2: FinTech
:soccer: Football (Rangers)
:beer: Beer (Moretti)
:pizza: Pizza (Spicy)


Hello there,

I’m BoldizsΓ‘r, an engineer at Emma. Glad to see you here guys, we’re always curious about your thoughts so don’t keep them to yourselves.
Some facts about me:

  • I do calisthenics
  • Hungarian (good luck pronouncing my name :wink: )
  • Wasabi fan

Hello :wave:

I’m Antonio, co-founder and CTO of Emma.

:bear: Emma
:man_technologist: Node.js
:man_technologist: Node.js
:man_technologist: Node.js
:passenger_ship: Shipping


Hi All,

Vivian here, ready to get to know and give back to the fintech community.
Do expect me to be quite vocal here as I love Emma and want it to be successful.

I am a software engineer myself and lately jumped into fintech.


@vivian is one of the reasons we launched a Virgin Money integration. :rofl:


@edoardomoreni I hated Virgin so much, had to login like a peasant on a website and get the data out. Thanks though for listening.

So I am now ready to start lobbying for some more. I am not good with money at the moment but I want to be :slight_smile:

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Not store cards please. :joy:

Oh noooo :frowning: More than Brexit I think the MPs should vote on getting open banking as a legal requirement for every financial institute in UK lol

Fun fact, we already have a Brexit thread. The β€˜Brexit’ Thread πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

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:wave: Hi!

I’m Wil, one of the Programme Directors at Ignite. We’re an pre/-seed stage tech accelerator/ investor :moneybag: :computer: I’m also a small-time angel investor, keen cyclist :biking_man: and run a record label in my spare time :musical_note:

Love Emma, been using it a few months and keen to see where the product and platform goes!


Hey Wil,

glad to see you here! :smiley:

I do remember having a chat with Gabi, when Emma was just a landing page. :eyes:


:heart: small world!

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Hey I’m Varadh,

I’m an Engineer at Emma too…and dare I say the longest serving employee :eyes::muscle:t5:

Middle Eastern Food (Or anywhere you find hummus) :stuffed_flatbread:
Music (Hip hop mostly) :musical_note:
All things entrepreneurial :dollar:
Gin & Tonic

Thats pretty much me :sweat_smile:


His 1 year anniversary is getting close… :champagne::champagne:

Waiting for an intro by @caprotti, another living legend.

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Aww - I remember this - I think we had a chat on your birthday :tada: Edoardo! What an incredible progress since then. :smile:

I’m Gabi, programme director of Ignite and former tech startup founder. Spend my time with helping early-stage tech startups build and scale exciting businesses. Other things I like:

:musical_note: Live Gigs
:pizza: Pizza
:woman_mage: Fantasy Books
:dog: Corgis & all dogs on Instagram
:speaking_head: Languages: :uk:, :de:, :croatia: and bits of :it:.


Yes, I was turning 24, almost 2 years ago. :upside_down_face:

Nice to see you here! Se vuoi parliamo italiano. :it:


Careful @edoardomoreni, living legend has a double meaning in Italian.

:hammer_and_wrench: Nerd lawyer
:tent: London
:house: Milano
:speak_no_evil: :it::uk::es::fr:
:heart: :cheese::pizza::sushi::tumbler_glass::beer::cocktail::wine_glass::clinking_glasses::weight_lifting_man:t3:‍♂


ehehhehe :rofl::rofl:

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