(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

I’d like to request Tandem be added too.

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I wouldn’t go that far, I think it might be more popular than you think!

Is there any news about the NewDay API? I notice that MoneyDashboard Neon now have them in a beta capacity. Emma need to stay competitive :wink:

@MHonEMMA I don’t think Tandem have an API yet - their savings product is fairly popular so I’m sure Emma will integrate them once they do.

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I have a credit card (John Lewis) and a savings account (Marcus) which are not on your list. If new institutions are added In the future will we be notified?


Hey @Nadinevella :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community - we have an introduce yourself page here if you’d like to tell us a bit about yourself!

In terms of new integrations, we will share any news over on our social channels or on this thread! :blush:

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Scottish Widows

This is the only one of the 5 financial institutions I deal with (Workplace Pension so I’m stuck with them) that isn’t currently supported by Emma so it would be great to get that added.

If nothing else because they don’t have their own app or even any graphing tools online so it would be nice to use the balance graph in Emma to see how well it’s growing (or not).


Trading212 (I guess it’s been mentioned as Freetrade is already included) and any update on Tandem? Any help on when these might be added?


HyperJar is ok, but you’d need to really focus adding and securing money against specific retailers to benefit from their “savings rates” to be fair.

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Love the app - wish Aqua, Vanguard and Halifax savings accounts would connect!

Hey @Jojianna :wave:

Thanks for posting & welcome to the Emma Community!

We’ll let you know of any new integrations on here :blush:

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Is anyone else beta testing Sync Money? I’m enjoying it so far and am familiar with their partners, but have had a few payment issues recently.

If they grow at a decent rate, I’d love to see them integrated into the app. Given they are focusing on pulling so many banks into their app, the reverse would be ideal too :slight_smile:

Has anyone requested NS&I Premium Bonds and/or Moneybox?

I did search but couldn’t see any results.

NS&I would be great!

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Any update on NS&I and Skipton?

Anything for Post Office Money credit cards?

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I’ve recently upgraded to Emma Pro and added my Vanguard account as an offline one.
What’s the best way to track changes in my portfolio? So far I’ve been changing the account total however it doesn’t seem to update the historical bit.

Would I be better off logging it as a transaction instead?

This is what I normally do :blush: