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Hey everyone,

I’m creating a new topic for us to share all the places Emma has been featured recently! :raised_hands:

This could be anything from articles we’ve appeared in, to podcasts we’ve been on! :rocket::bear:

And if you see anyone mention Emma, we’d love it if you could share the link below!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Spoiler alert; yes we are :smirk:

“If you’re an over-spender and not quite sure where your money goes each month, this one is for you.” :raised_hands:

Mentioned as the Best app for: Finding wasteful subscriptions. :rocket:

Mentioned as a great app that helps you with your direct debits/ subscriptions :money_mouth_face:

Nice review of Emma on the “This is Money” site :raised_hands:

“Overall, I found using Emma to be a really enjoyable experience. Not only did I love the colorful aesthetic and useful widget the app offers but also appreciated the extra fun they bring to the service, such as their weekly quizzes”

Great (and v detailed) review of Emma from a US user :grinning:

A couple of weeks ago Edoardo was invited to speak on Mr. Moneyjars Instagram Live

They spoke about budgeting, and of course - Emma!

You can watch the full interview here :point_down:

Wow, the guy at the bottom looks so creepy.

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And we’ve had loads of great press from Tech Crunch! :raised_hands::bear::gem:

Think it must be something to do with studying in Manchester!

Last week Edoardo was invited onto the brilliant Conversation of Money Podcast.

They had a great chat about the importance of budgeting, and how Emma has helped people take control of their finances!

You can listen to the full episode here :point_down:

Edoardo has been interviewed by Connect Ventures for their Spotlight series :rocket:

They talk about Emma’s origin story, how Emma works (from building the app, to making money), and the future of Emma :bear:

It’s a great read!

(also, how cool is the illustration!)

Nice little review here on Emma from Ask Your Finance Guy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Cool review here from Money’s My Life in the US! :rocket:

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Nice to see Emma has been used as an example of an app that’s doing it right (even if they have used a super old image :see_no_evil:)

Last week we had this really nice review of Emma, coming in at the number 1 spot for best budgeting apps in the UK :rocket::raised_hands:

Pennies To Pounds has listed Emma as a great app to help you budget your money :money_with_wings:

We also have a fab interview with Pennies To Pounds coming out next week, so keep an eye out :rocket:

Boss Of My Money used Emma as a nice example of an app that helps you budget :heart_eyes:

Nice write up of Emma on the Good With Money blog :bear::purple_heart:

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