(Most-Wanted) Features

I love this idea. It could even be an option in the more tab where you can generate a breakdown for the week, month or year (or all together) whenever you feel like it

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I might have missed a functionality but is there a way to manage which transactions are excluded from committed spending but are still subscriptions? I have situations where I have credit cards that are used for loans and others that are used as normal credit cards.

If I go into the committed spending screen then I see some credit card payments excluded from analytics because don’t want to double up on payments (Which is a really handy feature) but sometimes it doesn’t pick up correctly that this credit card is a loan (hence don’t want it to be excluded) and this credit card is a normal account (and so should be excluded).

Similarly, I have current accounts that I have standing orders to, which are used for different reasons. Some for savings (so would not want that to be excluded so that I can see that my committed spending Including saving, expenditure etc is X amount. But again there’s some current accounts, because they have deals like cash back etc that are used to pay bills etc so don’t want those standing orders to appear there as it’ll just skew the numbers.

I suppose I could mark those transactions for both situations (credit card and current accounts) as not subscriptions but they are really subscriptions aren’t they?


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A couple of points

Could you explain what you mean by this?

Do you consider your savings part of your budget? In Emma, savings are not considered spending so we usually recommend you don’t include them in your budget. For example, if you earn £100 a month and want to save £20, your total budget, we recommend, should be £80.

I think I understand what you mean (but not 100% sure)

If you use excluded + repeating toggles on a past version of the transaction the future prediction will show up in your subscriptions but will not contribute to total committed spend amount for budget period. It will show in the committed spending list but as a greyed out entry. I like this behaviour personally (greyed out in committed list without contributing to total) and I think does what you are asking.

Does that get at what you were asking?

Hi please add pie charts to week in review, month and year in review.

Hey @devalias welcome to the Emma community :wave:

You can introduce yourself here if you like :point_down:

And thanks for your suggestion! Are you thinking the pie charts would show each of the spending categories? For example, 50% spent on bills, 10% eating out, 10% shopping, etc?

Hi, yes. This would show a quick visual of where spending has happened, then if you click on the slice, it would list the expenses.

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Love this idea :raised_hands: Will mention it to the rest of the team and see what we can do!

I’ve just updated the OP with all of the most wanted features requested here!

Have I missed any? :sweat_smile:

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Rather than a list of ideas it would be more interesting to see which are most popular.

Why not add the ability to vote to on idea threads in the Feedback & Ideas section, such as in the equivalent section of the Monzo community

That way the most popular ideas among community users will become easily apparent

My top 3 most wanted would be

Edit pending transactions
Bank logos/info in spending and committed spending lists
An accounts section view that groups accounts by Bank

Hi thanks for the reply.

So what I mean is this:

The Amex at the bottom is a credit card but hasn’t been picked up as excluded. The nationwide is as well but is picked correctly that it should be excluded.

It’s interesting … the recent transactions screen doesn’t show the Amex transaction for some reason. I have to go through Accounts to see the transaction that came out of the account. :face_with_monocle: I’ve compared the nationwide and Amex transactions and it seems nationwide Has a linked payment while Amex does not have a linked payment! Could that be the issue?


For receipts being pinned to a transaction, could we have a way of giving the app read only access to particular purchases for example if the app had read only access to my Amazon account, have an API to generate a digital receipt ?

A live section updating users of integrations being tested/soon to be integrated.


A traffic light system could be cool for this? Red can’t integrate yet, Amber in the process, etc? :vertical_traffic_light:

Or even a simple :+1:, :crossed_fingers:, :-1: next to each integration?


Traffic light system - perfect!

Can you reach out to me via chat regarding this? We can get it solved over there :wink:

A tab to show credit utilisation percentages across multiple credit cards would be cool.

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• LINE OF BEST FIT (Tangent) for graphical summary

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Do you mean the graphs on the accounts tab?

The lines already represent fitted lines to some extent. They are smoothed versions of the underlying trace - probably via a moving average or polynomial fit.

Tangents fitted to these would represent instantaneous rate of change - how quickly your balance is changing - not a best fit.