Change Type for Manual Accounts

Hi, just joined the forums after being an Emma user for some time.

Found myself wanting to switch the type of some of my manual accounts as I’ve now started adding my pension accounts in under investments, meaning I want to move some of my longer term savings accounts across to the savings account tab.

This option isn’t available for manual accounts, only for other accounts.
Any chance this can be added in future, I’d rather just select ‘change type’ than remove and readd as I’ve added icons via twitter too for my manual accounts

Hey @Nat1 :wave:

Welcome to the Emma community :star_struck: You can introduce yourself here if you’d like!

This is a really good point, I’ll mention it to the rest of the team as (hopefully) shouldn’t be too difficult to add-in :crossed_fingers:


Yes, we can definitely add it right away. :slight_smile:


Awesome thanks, I’ll take a look at the introduction section at some point


Hey guys is there any progress on this? I’m also finding myself wanting to change the type of some manual accounts :grinning:

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Hiii @Mattinton :wave:

Sorry, it’s on our list of things to do but we haven’t started working on it yet :blush:

Hopefully soon!

Any updates please? I have a lot of manual accounts that I’d like to move from current accounts to savings or investments just to declutter (ideally I’d want to be able to add another type e.g. shopping cards, but that would probably be too much to ask!)

Or if the user-facing option is hard to implement, is this doable via chat to support? I’d really want to avoid having to recreate accounts.

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Hi @lucianf, thanks for following up on this. We haven’t made much progress on this, but I have made sure to file a ticket with the team so we can go over it.

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Is this still on the roadmap? I wanted to change an Investment offline account to a Savings - so I can get a savings goal. But just realised I can’t.

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Hey James, thanks for pinging.

The team in charge of this is working on a full redesign of the app, so I’ll make sure they include it.

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Amazing, thank you so much!