Manual accounts and CSV export

Hi there,

Manual accounts are a great feature, thanks for implementing them. One request: when you create a transaction in a manual account, you give it a name - but this name doesn’t appear anywhere on the transaction’s row in exported CSV. Would it be possible to add it?


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Can you share an example of this happening? Does it show as a blank space, or not on the CSV download at all?


Hi Rebekah, thanks for your reply.

Any transaction from a manual account has the following columns populated:

ID, Date, Amount, Currency, Account, Category, Type

But all other columns are empty. There is no “Name” column. I might expect the name you give the transaction in the app to appear in the Merchant column, for example, but it doesn’t.

By “name” I mean the thing you enter on this screen:


Can see that this would make sense to have this on the download - will pass this info onto the rest of the team :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Thanks v much!

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Hey @passingtramp, great idea! We should be able to get that done no problem. :slight_smile: