(Most-Wanted) Features

I already mentioned that with that button you can’t change the next income prediction. No option for that.

Yes, you need to remove it and add it again.

If you reach out to chat, we can put you on the new system.

I guess this is similar to “Year view in analytics” but it would be nice to have a custom aggregation in Analytics. I could select a number of months (e.g. the past three months) and it would show me the aggregation of the analytics over those three months

Hi there, new to the app from Mint and it’s great so far. One thing that kept me going back to Mint for so long is their Android widget. I was surprised to search this forum and not one request for that feature for Emma! So here it is! Widgets are a great way to view info at a glance right from the home screen. I love swiping to one of my home page screens and seeing my account balances all in one place–much quicker than opening the app, logging in, and clicking on the accounts tab.

Would love to be able to add Litecoin (LTC) wallets alongside ETH and BTC!

Welcome to the community @jstout841. If you have a second, please take some time to Introduce yourself 👋

What would the perfect widget look like? Should it focus on balances, budgets, both?

For me, the ideal would be a scaled down version of the Accounts tab, with options in the header of the widget for Everyday, Savings, Loans, Investments and the balances below.

But I could totally see how someone might use another as a quick glance for how they’re doing with their budget!


Yes, something like this would be cool - a net worth tab, which is a summary of all other tabs

Or even better, have this at the top of the feed

@edoardomoreni I know savings “buckets” or goals have been talked about quite a bit here. I’ve just realized I really need this… Is this on the roadmap?

We are still thinking about the best way to do it.

It would be great to have an Emma Savings account and then generate buckets on top rather than virtual ones - it can be quite a mess.

You mean Emma actually handle real money?

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In the future, yes.

Wow. Sounds interesting.

Here’s a simple idea! You’ve got a ton of screen space to use when you open up an account screen. Why not put the last sync time there? Maybe near the “Available” or “Balance” subheader put a tinier “Last sync, dd MMM h:mm am/pm”? I’m 3 days in and already hate that it takes so long to find out if a particular account has synced yet (it hasn’t :confused: ) since you have to open More -> Settings -> Bank Logins. Putting it on the account pages themselves is less clicks AND keeps the user in the main section of the app instead of hunting it down in the settings.


Can you reach out to support if it’s not syncing?

Set category logo via twitter handle.

It would be great if I could set a reminder on a pending transaction so that when it becomes final I can be reminded to go in and update the category/tags/notes etc.

If I make a purchase I like to update it on the day or I tend to forget. If I could set a reminder on the day against the pending transaction to notify me when it’s final so I can go in and update would be useful. Would be even better if I could add a note to the reminder!

Yes, we are going to let you edit pending transactions.

@edoardomoreni Just out of interest, what are the next 3-5 big features in the works?

(BTW, is there the possibility of a beta program?)

Hi @Aaronm, we have a public beta program on Android, but none for iOS.

We are going to let people switch energy, broadband and mortgages in the UK. :slight_smile: