(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

We can use this thread to track of what is wanted/coming. You can post at the bottom something you would love to see and we’ll keep the list updated. :slight_smile:

  • Aldermore (unknown)
  • Amazon (unknown)
  • AngelList (unknown)
  • AJ Bell (unknown)
  • Atom Bank (unknown)
  • Aqua (unknown)
  • Award Wallet (unknown)
  • Capital One (unknown)
  • Charles Stanley (unknown)
  • Charter Savings Bank (unknown)
  • Clydesdale Bank (unknown)
  • Coin Tracking (unknown)
  • Coventry Building society (unknown)
  • Crowdcube (unknown)
  • Chip (added)
  • Danske Bank (added)
  • Doddle (unknown)
  • Dozens (unknown)
  • Evestor (unknown)
  • Experian (unknown)
  • Fidelity (unknown)
  • Ford Money (unknown)
  • Freetrade (in talks)
  • Funding Circle (unknown)
  • Hargreaves Lansdown (no API)
  • HSBC (added)
  • Help To Save (unknown)
  • HMRC (unknown)
  • HSBC Loans (unknown)
  • Interactive Investor (unknown)
  • John Lewis Credit Card (unknown)
  • M&S Bank (added)
  • Marcus (no plans to make API public)
  • Moneybox (unknown)
  • Moneyfarm (in talks)
  • Nationwide Mortgage (unknown)
  • Newcastle Building Society (unknown)
  • Nottingham Building Society (unknown)
  • NS&I (unknown)
  • Nutmeg (unknown)
  • N26 (talks ongoing)
  • OakNorth (unknown)
  • Orbis (unknown)
  • Paragon Bank (unknown)
  • PayPal Credit (unknown)
  • Plum (conversations held - unlikely)
  • Rate Setter (unknown)
  • RBS One Account (unknown)
  • RCI (unknown)
  • Revolut (added)
  • Sainsbury’s Bank (unknown)
  • Seedrs (unknown)
  • Skipton BS (unknown)
  • SLC (unknown)
  • Smarterly (unknown)
  • Smile Bank (unknown)
  • Splitwise (unknown)
  • St James Place (unknown)
  • Tandem (API delayed until Sep 2019)
  • TFL/Oyster (unknown)
  • Trading 212 (unknown)
  • Transferwise (unknown)
  • Triodos (unknown)
  • Ulster Bank (added)
  • Vanquis (unknown)
  • Vanguard (unknown)
  • Wealthify (refuse to hand over API)
  • Wirex (unknown)
  • Yorkshire Bank (unknown)
  • Yorkshire Building Society (unknown)
  • Zeux Visa (unknown)

The original list comes from: https://www.reddit.com/r/emmafinance/comments/aptjui/mostwanted_integrations/

Last Updated: 1 June 2019


Property Partner

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Plum-wise, we had a few chats with them, but don’t see that happening soon.

I think Evestor reached out to us a few months back. I have added the others to the list! :smiley:

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The minimum characters here is set to 20 so had to go through my list of active accounts to add more!

Eheheh, let’s set it to 10. :grimacing:

20 is actually the minimum for first time posters. We have dropped it to 10 for second time ones. eheh

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oaknorth, regularly have the best or near best savings/isa rates, no app which makes checking balances clunky in my opinion

Interesting to see Monzo have taken a fancy to their offerings (with a nice 0.3% cut from every new ISA user signed up).

probably one of the few savings providers that have a modern platform to be able to offer the integration. The cut in interest rates is just too much for me though for the convenience factor.

I was tempted by the integration factor, but I ended up sticking with Marcus.

Marcus is out for me due to not offering an ISA

This poll is a bit old, but has quite a long list

Also, HMRC please!


That’s true. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tweeted a few times about this - but some sort of integration with crowdfunding platforms (so I can track my investments) would be uhmaze :scream: AngelList/ Seedrs/ Crowdcube :pray:


And +1 for Revolut/ Revolut Business!

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We had a chat with Seedrs, but they were just tasting the waters, since they promised an API by November 2018. :sweat_smile:

In terms of Revolut, they will need to release an API by the end of the year. :metal:

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:clap: hopefully it’s not going to take much longer then!

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It should take a few days to a tech company, probably a weekend. :sweat_smile:

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I read Freetrade is not going to make their API public. Do we still have a chance for a partnership?
HMRC is a bloody good deal if it is even remotely possible.


The problem with some fintechs (not referring to Freetrade) is that they are more worried about their marketing department than tech. :man_shrugging:

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