Adult version of the App

Hahah :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: not gunna lie for a split second I also thought the same :joy:


Every time I see this my brain flashes warning :joy:

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It’s in the feed.

Thanks for reporting this.

By the way, is that an iPhone 6? I can see that Save Money is truncated.

Is the bear not supposed to float over the interface?

It does that for me too. I’m on an iPhone 6S, but my Save Money is not truncated.

It reminds me of clippy. I wasn’t a fan of clippy!

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It’s a iphone 8

I think functionality is more important than skins. I​:heart: the fun use of emojis and I’m sadly not in the younger group of users. So I don’t think an “adult” skin would be appropriate after all I think all users are adults, perhaps a “boring” skin would suit those not appreciating the fun styling :joy:

Personally, I like the bold colours and soft fonts. Some might consider this contributes to a cartoonish feel but I prefer having some colour over a dull monochrome interface.

The quirky little quotes like “you make babies smile”. If I had a choice I would get rid of them but they’re not obtrusive so I’m not really fussed about them.

I dislike the floating bear. It is obtrusive.

Heeeey @Flossy :wave:

Thanks for posting on the Emma community! :heart:

If you’d like to introduce yourself you can do so on this thread!

And yesss definitely great to hear what people think about the design, but at the moment we’re focusing on landing some really great new features!

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I think skins could be a great addition to the gamification. You could win a skin or purchase skins with gummy bears. You could even customise your bear.

I can see a lot of simple fun with it. Though not if it slows down Emma bringing out other features :joy:

Would love to see how people customised their gummy bears! :raised_hands:

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Hi Flossy the post has moved on to more around it being a cluttered interface on some versions of the iphone it seems. Welcome :+1:

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We are removing it soon.


For the record, while I’m in favour of trimming some of the gimmicks and making those features that exist to try to convince me to invite people more realistic, I’m not in favour of making the app more boring visually. In fact, I added way more emojis to it – I’m using an emoji to prefix the name of every single account I have!

The reason I don’t like the gimmicks is that they create clutter, and feel like “dark patterns” to me. Some of it is also really unconvincing. For example, I have a small number of friends, and I’d invite them if I thought they’d benefit from the app, but even with my basic personal finance knowledge, the rewards are obviously totally unrealistic. The rewards should not be unattainable. You’ve got to expect that the people using your app have passable personal finance abilities and are able to do the math and realise this!

However, I do want you to succeed, and I do want you to find a way of making money from this thing. I wonder where the opportunities to make money really are? I’m paying for just about every startup savings account that there is, and pay for Amex charge cards and the like, so there is money around – but I’m probably a minority, and the real money is probably in tricking people into payday loans or something like that…


By the way, nothing is official yet, but we are removing the Gummy Bears from the Feed. :slight_smile:


Thanks for listening to some of us. The rest of Emma is brilliant :+1:

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Chiming in late to agree the gummy bears are heavy-handed. The button to invite is at the top of the feed and within the feed and (especially) hovering over the feed when I scroll. But I just don’t have that many friends to invite! I actually do recommend the app a LOT because it’s the only tool that’s ever helped me budget in my life (THANK YOU)—but my praises haven’t resulted in friends clicking the link I send, even when they do come on board. They always just search the darn thing directly in the App Store! All to say, I don’t need to be reminded so hard.

Sometimes I like the gamification of earning bears; sometimes I find it irritating. It seems obvious Emma gets something out of them—I’d guess high engagement metrics and referrals. The option to hide or minimize gummy bear stuff for people who just aren’t interested would be nice. This seems like an appropriate pro feature. I have pro currently and it does feel a little weird that the pressure to refer is still so maxed out. My understanding is referrals are a way for developers to get some value out of free users via free advertising, but I’m used to freemium services stepping back from pushing referrals once someone starts to pay, when they change the nature of their value to the company by becoming a source of direct revenue.

At this point I would choose to keep engaging with gummy bears even if given the option to banish them, but I’d really like to see that hovering button disappear.

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Yes, we see this a lot - people don’t click and some referrals don’t get counted. :frowning:

I am closing this thread.

Gummy Bears will be moved in Quests and we’ll launch a new referral scheme very soon (super simple, no gimmicks). :slight_smile: