(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

+1 for Interactive Investor, Sainsbury Bank, and NS&I

New suggestions for CoinTracking and Splitwise


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I’m going to say days (and wait for that guess to be adjusted).

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RBS One Account please

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Thank you for the suggestion :blush:

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another vote for tesco bank it seems to be the only one where i have to request a pin each time i want to sync although i haven’t added all of my bank accounts.


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You can connect Emma to Tesco bank, are you having problems doing this?

i’ve connected it but i think its one of the banks that needs OTP each time i want to sync balances.

edit i’ve read that this hopefully will stop in september when the banks have to comply with open banking api’s or something like that so i’ve read.


Certainly Moneybox, Marcus, NS&I, Plum, PayPal credit for me


Great suggestions! Only 3 more posts to go :wink: haha

I know it’s unlikely, but would be great to be able to see my government Help to Save account in there :grinning:

What’s this?

If you’re eligible for it, it’s an amazing deal. You can save up to £50 a month. After 2 years, they give you a bonus of 50% of what you’ve paid in. You can repeat this for another 2 years, earning up to £1200 over the 4 years.

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Not really a bank, but I’d love an integration with my TFL/Oyster account to see the price of each trip instead of the daily transaction.


This is really great, I will definitely share with people, thanks!

We were talking about this here earlier and the problem is how long tfl take to charge you :sob: Such a nightmare haha