The ‘Brexit’ Thread 🇬🇧

Always an interesting topic to post on any Internet forum… :sweat_smile:

What’s everyones thoughts on the latest extension (until 31 October)?

This is soooo off-topic, but in the right category. :grimacing:

I need to apply for EU settlement status, if this happens. eheh

Don’t wait for it, do it as soon as possible. I got a reply with my settled status within 20 minutes. I will definitely apply for British citizenship next January ( one needs to wait 1 year after getting indefinite leave to remain before applying )

I really don’t see any reason to reject my application. :sweat_smile:

Do they even do that?

Not that I’m aware of but I thought I better do it quickly so I could naturalise British; something I should have done years ago.

Meanwhile, I need to apply for dual citizenship and an EU passport… ah the things we have to do to maintain our existing rights and freedoms :slight_smile:

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ahah do you have some Irish relatives? I have heard people doing it. :laughing:

I’m half Austrian :smiley:

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That is a life saver then! :smiley:

Brexit means breakfast

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Can’t wait until it’s all over tbh

I don’t care what happens anymore :crazy_face:

I have got my Uk passport and my German passport so I am sorted haha

My grandparents were from Belgium but looks like the citizenship application rules are harsh. I’m not able to apply (or my dad). We were hoping to obtain this to have options in the EU.

My mum is German so I was lucky. I also had a children’s German passport when I was younger.

It was always ironic that my Uruguayan sister-in-law had more rights to live in the UK with her Uruguayan husband with his Italian citizenship obtained from his grandparents than my wife did (I am British!!).

So a non-eu partner married to a British man has more difficulty obtaining rights to live in the UK than a non-eu partner married to an EU citizen!!
Absolutely bonkers and unfair.

I guess all that will change soon.

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That’s crazy! I don’t understand how that works. Where is your wife from?

My mum was going to get a Uk passport but it costs quite a lot

She is from South America but she could be from USA/Australia or any developed country - the rules are the same.

Cost is massive including English tests/driving tests and min salary threshold of £18,600 with 6 months of payslips (2k+ more for every child).

NHS fees for 5 years (has to be paid in advance with the application).
List goes on and probably costs us about 10k+ over the 5 years
Very complicated applications.
No benefits for the 5 years also (only NHS but we have to pay for that anyway)

Meanwhile any non-eu partners can wander into the UK with an eu non British partner just requiring a simple family permit!!

wow that’s crazy!

NHS fees up from is ridiculous

The driving test rules was absurd also.
She’s been driving for 25 years.
Also 12 months in the UK!!
After the 12 months is up on her international licence in the UK she has to start from scratch, provisional, theory and practical. (and insurance from scratch). She’s been doing school runs twice daily, driven all over the Midlands and Wales also to Ireland. 12 months practice here with no issues and then DVLA saying ‘hey you need to start from scratch as a beginner’.
It was difficult to find an instructor who didn’t need to teach but needed to correct her skills to adapt to UK rules.

This rule does not apply to anyone from any of the 27 EU states. Who knows what their driving skills are like. They just bring their EU license which is valid.

Inequality/discrimination at its best in the UK/Brussels. Not sure who set this rule. UK or the Brussels power.
Maybe brexit will change all of this :man_shrugging: and bring in equality for all.

I would be so annoyed if I had to do my driving test again especially theory as I am sure they made it harder in recent years.

That is so ridiculous! My mum had to do a course because she was driving 25 mph in a 20 zone. SO LONG!