iOS 14 Widget Creation

With the latest update bringing app widgets for 3rd party developers, I’d like to presume Emma are working on bringing this ability to their app?


We’re thinking about it… question for everyone: what you would like to see in a Emma widget?

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Great to hear!

I would say ‘current daily spend’ as there isn’t much you can fit into said widget (but at the same time that’s what I would probably want to refer to without having to open the app).

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@grant.m great thread topic. How about scrolling most recent transactions?


This is a nice one. :wink:

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For example…


Get this implemented NOW!

Perfect widget designs for every size.



I’d like to see iOS14 widgets for:

  1. Spending Categories
  2. Accounts
  3. Recent Transactions (similar to what’s on the Feed page already)

Heyyy @heyitstom :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community! We have a little intro page if you wanted to introduce yourself!

I like the sound of those widgets - I could definitely see myself finding an accounts summary widget super useful :crossed_fingers:


Are there plans for Emma to develop one?

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We would like to, but we don’t know when :laughing:

You need some citizen developers. Maybe open your API :rocket: :wink:

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With the new iOS 15 update for iPad - there’s a perfect opportunity to design/implement now to ride the widget popularity wave.

It’s on our roadmap, but not for another 12-18 months. Sorry!

Ah… too bad… would love to see some widgets (albeit for Android :sunglasses:)

Disappointing to hear.

Is there a more solid timeframe now?

We have hired a lot of mobile devs now, so I hope we’ll have some time to play with this. We don’t have a solid timeline, but it’s something we’d like to do as well as dark mode.