(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations

Would be great to have Crypto.com, Trading 212 (already mention above, sorry just repeating others) and Ledger Live pleaseee.

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Another vote for Triodos please :slight_smile: Also Marcus.

Hey @Willowisp, @Raza & @lsto :wave:

Welcome to the Emma community!

Always good to hear what integrations you’d like, currently no eta for those at the mo

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Please please please Triodos

Can you link Halifax share dealing please!!

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Heyyyy @snack_88 and @Wella :wave:

Welcome to the Emma community! Would be really cool if you could introduce yourself on the thread below!


In terms of adding those integrations, currently no eta but we’ll keep everyone in the loop here :crossed_fingers:

Is it possible to update the OP?

It would be lovely to see Yorkshire Building Society added.

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Interactive brokers would be good to have too

Oh and did I already say Degiro ? Probably :man_shrugging:

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Amazon (New Day) Is now working on Google Pay. In Emma soon™?

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Only a couple more integrations left for me. Though pretty sure none of these will happen anytime soon, as the providers have made it clear they have no plans.

  • Freetrade
  • Moneybox
  • NS&I
  • Halifax Mortages

My other nice to haves would be credit rating integration


NS&I state on their corporate strategy page that they will have embraced open banking by 2021.


Are there any plans to integrate services and utilities such as O2 and E.on though I’m guessing these wouldn’t fall under open banking api’s the Emma is looking to maintain ?

Not in the short term, although the use case would be quite nice. :slight_smile:

Just worked like a charm for me. Very quick.

Out of interest, are you on Android and, if so, what browser are you using to direct from the Sainsbury’s app or website back to Emma?

Would there be a possibility to have a dedicated section in app for current and pending integrations, as at the moment it only shows investment companies which don’t have an API.


I think this probably comes down to how much work it would take to maintain!

A list of the integrations Emma is actively working on would be helpful.

I do wonder how many people go from the unsupported collections in Emma to twitter and actually post

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