(Most-Wanted) Features

Thanks for the response Edouardo

  1. Without this feature it’s impossible to use the app properly. Eg. I deposit £1k per month into the account (income). My wife does the same. Income per month should be therefore £2k.

Unfortunately April shows £3k income and May shows income £1k. This is because two incomes from my wife’s source is coming on April 1st and April 31st.

This means all the analysis is to throw in the bin. I should be able to simply click on the April 31st payment and say ‘put into May’.

  1. Thank you. I hope you will prioritise this soon then because it sounds like a smallie. I genuinely believe it’s a smaller use case for a person to change a single entry as opposed to the use case of changing a record and naming all previous and future records with the same reference. You can thank me later :wink:

  2. great! You have the feature there. You could consider making more of a feature of it because I had to really think hard about what the categories were called when I clicked on search. Please consider an option to click a category :slight_smile:

  3. Good stuff. Thanks for considering.

For me personally, if 1 and 2 are done, I would have everything I need for basics.

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I agree with this one too, being able to tap directly into categories would be useful in quite a few places in the app.

Split transactions available! :clap:t2::clap:t2:

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Ehehe, finally!

Let us know what you are splitting -> Split Transactions in Emma Pro.

As a new user i am still exploring the functionality

I was disappointed only 10 + current month transactions came across. I would have prefered 12 + current month.

This brings me to a requested functionality which is not on the list above and that is analysis by category along the lines of the current tag and supplier analysis that is available from the feed page

Once this has been provided then the way forward for this whole section will be to be able to do this from or to a specific date for the period selected

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Hi @Wmeads001, nice to see you here! Feel free to Introduce yourself 👋.

By default we do 12 months on most banks, apart from HSBC and First Direct. It might be that in this case, we weren’t able to download those two extra months.


Can the Analytics tab please show all categories of spend which have a budget against even if there has been no spend yet?

When I manage my budget, I like to look at what is left in each spend category and transfer money between spend categories via the budgeting tool. For example, if I have spent £50 too much on Entertainment and gone over-budget, I may reduce the Shopping budget by £50 and increase the Entertainment budget by £50, thus ensuring that I don’t go over my Total Budget. However I sometimes find that I have budget allocated to categories which I have not spent against yet and they are hiding in the budgeting tool but not shown on the Analytics tab. This is a nice surprise however it would be more transparent if all the categories were shown which have a budget against even though the amount spent would equal zero.

Is this possible?




Hey again @edoardomoreni. I’ve had the chance to play around with Emma Pro for a few hours now and I have a few suggestions that I hope the team can implement.

If I make a transaction and I see that the information is incorrect or that the merchant is missing a logo, I always suggst an edit. However, as it takes time for you to approve the change, if you approve it at all, I make a manual change too. If I make a manual change, there is no way to ‘revert’ back to the original info. There should be a ‘revert’ button on each transaction that you have edited.

Whenever I shop at Walmart, the name of the transaction is Walmart + the number of the store. As an example it could be Walmart 8342. If I change let’s say both ‘Walmart 3245’ and ‘Walmart 4521’ into JUST Walmart. The app don’t realize that they are the same merchant and shows me the ammount of transactions at that merchant and ammount of money spent at that merchants. In addition to manually changing the name, it would be great if I could manually change the logo as well.

When renaming a transaction, I’d like to see the option to rename a group of transactions at once. Similar to changing the category for more than one transactions at once.


I’ve created quite a few categories, but I am missing the option to create sub categories. For instance, under Shopping I would like to create a sub category called ‘Clothes’ and another called ‘Shoes’. You could achieve a similar result with tags, but since you can’t split transactions at different tags, having sub categories would be convient. I would also like to delete/hide and rename the standard categories. As well as giving my categories a custom image.


I’d also like to be able to create longer tags. For instance, #applicationfee has to many characters.

Splitting transactions

Splitting transactions is nice, but it would be ever nicer if we had the option to split on tags as well as categories. If I go shopping for a 100 USD. I could spend 40 USD on shoes and 60 USD and clothes and could split them using tags. This could also be solved by using sub categories as mentioned above.

Custom Accounts

When creating a custom account it would be great if we could set a custom currency. I’d also like to be able to manually add transactions, rather than just having the option to update the balance.


I’d like to see the option to upload .PDF-files through Files in addition to just photos or taking a picture.


Can you screenshot an example of this? They should fall under 1 single merchant. :slight_smile:

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Yes, we are doing this. We won’t be adding any Learning, cause it can get confusing (or maybe we can have a toggle).

Take a look at the first two pictures. These are two of the transactions for my rent that I’ve all given the same name, ‘Ventura Ridge’. However, unlike iTunes the transaction page does not show you the ammount of transactions, the total ammount or the average.

There is no merchant assigned to the transactions you have posted. :sweat_smile:

What do you mean? What I want is that all transaction that I give the same name as I’ve with my rent, I want them to appear like the iTunes transaciton where it shows the number of transactions and so on. Have I misunderstood something?

Yes, it doesn’t work like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

The feature show up if there is a merchant assigned to the transaction. We have added one in the system, so at the next sync, it should show up.

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Okay, I get it now. I am sorry for the confusion. Keep up the great work!

I want dark mode :crescent_moon:


ahahaa, what are android users going to say? :slight_smile:

I’d imagine both platforms could benefit from this as both platforms have OLED screens


That’s true. We’ll report to our designers. :eyes:

Yes I get the same but in a different supermarket. Each one of the chains has a number post brand same as Walmart.

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