Share a transaction

How many others frequently find a transaction they’re curious about and want to share?

My wife and I have joint accounts and it’s hard to keep track of all of our spending. I’d say I find about 3 transactions a week I don’t recognize and I need to ask her about.

As a user I’d like the option to share a specific transaction with someone as a text message, iMessage, or email and simply ask, “Do you recognize this?” Perhaps other quick chat options could be “Woah! This was a lot! Can you cut back here next time” or even the proactive, “Heads up, I went a little overboard at the supermarket”

Is this common for you? Or do I just need to have a chat with my wife about spending? Haha

What message would you tack on to a shared transaction?

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Hey @Stewartwolfe :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community - you can introduce yourself here if you fancy :sunglasses:

I really like this idea!

I only use my joint account for groceries or when we go for meals together, so I probably wouldn’t use this feature exactly the same way as you… but I can imagine other people would.

I think it could work well between anyone that doesn’t have a joint account though - maybe if I paid for drinks I could then share the transaction with a friend to remind them they needed to pay me back? :joy:

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Probably not something I would do. I would want my better half to raise anything suspicious that didn’t look right but we don’t do joint spending much.

What about taking a screenshot? It’s definitely the most frequent way.

For sure - that’s a good idea and works for now.

By the way - what an active community! First post and also first time I’ve seen so much engagement from users and developers!


Screenshots are editable, so harder to copy text of a long transaction reference, for example.

Long pressing on Details to copy might help (?)

Yes, we can think about this.