Introduce yourself πŸ‘‹

Hey all

I’m Alex, a trainee solicitor and all around tech geek.

I really need to up my emoji game - Emma is certainly helping with that - so let’s see how good I am at the moment:

:partying_face: Celebrated my Emma 1-year anniversary last month :smiley:
:man_judge: Working in London at the moment
:rage: Loves complaining online, hates complaining IRL
:athletic_shoe: New Balance trainer addict
:apple: Too many Apple products

Really happy to be part of the community, and hope I can contribute in a helpful way!


The 1 year notification is a great touch, we also have 1 week anniversaries and 100 days. :smirk:

Hello I’m Fabrizio, I’ve been living in London for the past 28 years after a 20 years stint split between QuΓ©bec and Italy.
I’m an early adopter and an internet midwife ( used to chat on videotel in the 80s and had also an IBM 286 ). Love technology, languages ( I’m multilingual ) as well as enjoying paper crafting especially greeting cards making despite my eyesight woes.
I really like Emma and pleased to see that a fellow Italian or Italian descent thought of it :slight_smile:


Hey Fabrizio, nice to see you here. :wave: Yes, I am originally from Rome. :it:

Me too lol :slight_smile:

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I am from San Saba (

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Born in Rome, grew up in QuΓ©bec then we moved back to Italy when I was 14 years old so had to learn Italian pretty fast. We used to live in Provincia ( Cerveteri-Ladispoli ).

Ahhh, nice! I know that place, never been around though. :smiley:

Very boring I’m afraid :wink: but I finally escaped 10 years later and never looked back since I came to the Capital. Enjoy your weekend :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Rome is cool, but London is better. :sunglasses:

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I just miss: pizza bianca, supplì and i frappé in largo argentina :wink: lol

ahaah, for Pizza I usually go to Franco Manca, but I have also discovered Pizza Lucia recently, which is decent. :wink:

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Hi I’m Gary :wave:

Online I go by my surname @Fegan

Old skool solutions architect with a passion for FinTech. Joined Emma when @edoardomoreni started pimping it on Fintechinsidernews :angel:

Originally thought it was too garish, still think an :older_man: skin version would be good for those not so into bright colours :sunglasses:


but now you are here. :sunglasses:

ps: Alex ( started posting about Emma everywhere on the internet. We got lots of users from here too (

I think the rate of features release is your biggest advantage.

The new Emma virtual credit card and PISP payments will seal the deal and lead to world domination.

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Thanks, we have tried to slow down a bit because we have kinda realised new users might be a bit confused. :sweat_smile:

In terms of PISP, it’s a super tough call. At this point, you need to authenticate every single time to make a payment, so it’s not really ideal to have it in Emma.

Hello guys,

I am Mike. :wave:

I work in Operations & Support at Emma, some of you might have already seen me in Support.


Hey Everyone.

Alan here I’m the head of engineering over at Chip (one of Emma’s first open banking direct integrations!) happy to answer any questions about Chip, the integration, fintech or programming in general.

:credit_card: FinTech
:building_construction: Engineering (Tech)
:woman_singer: People
:crossed_swords: Game of Thrones
:racing_car: Formula 1
:horse_racing: Horse Racing
:clubs: Poker


Welcome Alan. :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m Andy just a regular Emma user and software developer at