(Most-Wanted) Features

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Hi! Here are a few things that I’ve found to be useful, with some already been mentioned before:

  • Currency symbol icon for foreign accounts - instead of the default $ sign as the icon, make the icon adapt the currency symbol for that account (₪ in my case). I ended up looking for a Twitter account with a sensible profile picture as my foreign bank doesn’t have Twitter :sweat_smile:
  • Future transactions in recent transactions - this is actually something that bothers me right now. I purchased a ticket to a live show for the optimistic date of May 2021 (Glass Animals in Ally Pally, come and see them too!), so I changed the transaction date to that month - to reflect it nicely. First of all, now I keep seeing the Ticketmaster transaction first in the Recent Transaction section of my feed as if it’s a sticky transaction - this should not appear there at all, appear chronologically by its original date or appear for a limited time after the actual purchase. Secondly, it’s unapproachable from the Analytics page, which understandable doesn’t show future months. Might be nice to have a “Future”/“Coming Up” view when swiping left from the current month’s view, and see a light chronological list of all the future transactions (grouped by months with total spending for that month in the header of each month). This or a proper future month view - both options would be brilliant and I guess will also serve the concept of long term budgeting.
  • Smart conversion of transactions to saving accounts - just like moving money between my two bank accounts is being masked automatically, I’d love to see my Plum transactions feeding a manual Plum saving account (a nice way to cheat the lack of API).
  • Linked child transactions (auto split bills) - a bit like in Monzo. Currently, if I order from Just Eat for my friend and I and later get their part of the bill, there’s a lot of split mastering to do - remember their exact £, split the transaction with that number, exclude their transaction and exclude their part from the Just Eat split transaction. Why not - select all the transactions involved in one “event” and link them all with a single click. The original one becomes the parent transaction, the rest are child transactions, and in your analytics page you only see what you actually paid for instead of a chunky non-representative £40 bill on pizza when I only spent £8 of it. Yeah, right now I can avoid splitting and just move my friend’s payments to the Eating Out category to balance it, but I still want to see the final £8 I paid. It’ll also help the weekly/monthly reports make more sense and be me personal and accurate.

Thanks for all the great job so far :clap: enjoying my new Pro subscription :slight_smile:


Also, my phone bill got split into two different subscriptions when I moved banks (with the old one marked as inactive). Is there a way to merge them to the same subscription for a longer history of this subscription? They have the small icons of the bank they were taken from, so I guess the UI is already made for multi-bank subs.

Various permutations of this have been under discussion for a while on the forum and a solution along these lines is apparently coming to Pro

This would be nice! One workaround in Pro is to create a category for a specific event. But I just categorise the money I get from the others to the same category as the charge, then the analytics stays meaningful.

You may be able to delete both subs and create a new one that picks up all the transactions. Unfortunately, the subscription section is pretty buggy and hasn’t had much love. I’ve given up trying to sort mine out. Emma constantly recreates some subs I delete, fails to recognise the recurring payments for others, can’t handle a sub moving from one account to another, etc.

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I love it when we see people doing cool workarounds like this :joy: but yeah that is a nice idea to be able to switch symbols

What do you find is the main benefit for you for putting this as a future month? Do you want to categorise this spend as e.g. entertainment, but under the month that entertainment takes place instead of the month you actually paid for it?

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Yes. It might just be me, but especially with purchases that are relevant only to a certain point in the future, I like to change their date. I prefer seeing my spendings that way - how much this month cost me, not necessarily how much money got out of my bank account at this specific month. For me it creates a healthier balanced view on my spendings (a bit like spending a big annual subscription in January vs. spending 1/12 of it on a monthly basis throughout the year).

Happy to hear what you think about the linked child transactions as well, and if it’s likely to get to the devs :slight_smile:


Ah yeah totally get what you mean - can see people doing that with things like paying for flights too :airplane:

(also, Ally Pally is such a great venue!)

I really like this idea and like you mentioned the shared tabs section in Monzo can be so so useful. It would be great if Emma could look at doing something like this - I’ll mention it to the rest of the team :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Thank you :pray:

Add bank accounts from other countries with difference currency (EUR)

Really like this idea, as it great way to quickly see that you are on track with your budget.

Would it be possible to add the account remaining value after a transaction has been completed? For example if a grocery transaction of £100 is made from my Santander Account how much is then left in the account?

Would also be useful to have the facility to add logos to income as well as expenditure?


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In terms of the remaining value, do you mean you want to see your new balance on the accounts tab in Emma?

Adding logos for income is definitely something we can consider :slight_smile:

Hi Rebekah

The accounts tab shows the current balance of the account. What I’m suggesting is that on the list of transactions the new balance is shown following the transaction. So you should be able to look at the transactions for an account and see the account balance following each transaction (hope that makes sense?). At present if you go back to a previous transaction and view it on the accounts tab thee value shown is the current value and not the value when the transaction was made.


Oh yeah I see what you mean now, sorry!

I’m not sure how easy this would be to change, but i’ll mention it to the team! :crossed_fingers:

Do you mean in the ‘Recent Transactions’ view or anywhere you see transactions?

I think @glyn1954 means any transaction.

If you click into a transaction from 5 days ago, it shows the account it came from and your current balance in that account… not your balance from 5 days ago?


Hi Rebekah

Your understanding of what I meant is right


Here’s my top 3 wishlist items

  1. A total balance of upcoming payments, including excluded amounts for each account for selected month. (I like to know how much to transfer into my bills account)

  2. The ability to re-categorise pending payments temporarily

  3. Balance predictions for each account based on previous data for 1m, 6m, 1y.

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This would be really cool :crossed_fingers:

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