Manual Subscription Occurrence

The ability to be a bit more flexible with the reccurance of subscriptions would be very useful. For example I have a subscription that takes place every 3 weeks, which is not an option.
It would be handy to be able to choose the unit type and then input a unit manually: In this case ‘Week’ and ‘3’.

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This doesn’t sound fun to manage - is there a reason that it’s every three weeks and not monthly?

I do like the idea, but I think we would need to assess how many people would find this useful?

All of my subscriptions are paid monthly, but that might just be me? :grinning:

It’s a subscription for Hay for my pets. Every months and there would be a hugh excess, every fortnight and it wouldn’t be enough. 3 weeks is perfect and the subscription service allows you to manually input the subscription time frame.

I agree that adding ‘3 weeks’ as an option would be too specific and few people would need it, but a lot of people have unusual subscriptions that don’t fall in any of the specified options, which is why having a system where they can input it themselves would be handy (especially when there are subscriptions services like above where you can input a specific time frame), and wouldn’t involve a huge undertaking to implement.

I think you can do this by adding the subscription and then modifying the prediction. :slight_smile:

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I’ve just setup a subscription with a repeat payment happening every two years (biennially).
Currently Emma only supports down to 1 year as lowest frequency.

So I’d like either a manual option or addition of 2 year option please :pray:

Ok good to know :raised_hands:

Just to make another request on this topic, I have a subscription with a popular personal care company Harry’s, with a frequency of every 5 months. It would be nice for my budget to be accurate by allowing for the subscription to be set to 5 months, or better yet, for a custom frequency to be selectable. I’m a Pro Power user member, for reference.

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