OakNorth Bank 🌳

oaknorth, regularly have the best or near best savings/isa rates, no app which makes checking balances clunky in my opinion

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Interesting to see Monzo have taken a fancy to their offerings (with a nice 0.3% cut from every new ISA user signed up).

probably one of the few savings providers that have a modern platform to be able to offer the integration. The cut in interest rates is just too much for me though for the convenience factor.

I was tempted by the integration factor, but I ended up sticking with Marcus.

Marcus is out for me due to not offering an ISA

Reviving an old thread to second this. My savings account is with Oaknorth - would love to see Emma integration!

Hey @katemorgan :wave:

Thanks for letting us know! We don’t have any eta right now for adding this, but I’ll let you know if anything changes :blush: