MoneyBox Integration

Moneybox and Moneyfarm.


The first one doesn’t talk to us.

While Moneyfarm is run by Italians, like Oval Money; so we have exchanged a few messages.

You say ‘don’t’ any particular reason?

Moneybox said no the first time and then stopped replying.

For anyone who feels adventurous:



Would be great to have! Thanks.


Hey @ndrskcr

Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Please, please can you integrate Moneybox? I have my Lifetime ISA with them (I’m saving to buy a house) and I got told off by Emma today, because she said I’m addicted to them! I’m paying money into my savings and I’m getting a row for it!

Thank you ever so :slight_smile:

@Zeldagr we’d love to but we’re waiting for MoneyBox to send us their API (the system we use to connect with other institutions)

Speed it up by reaching out to them and asking if they can share this with us!

Just transferred my Cash LISA over today - world be great if there was a positive update.

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This would be a great integration. Will message MoneyBox

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I would really love MoneyBox to be integrated so that my weekly ISA contributions are recorded correctly and so that I can see in the Emma App my total savings. I will also contact MoneyBox via the email provided in this thread.


I have contacted Moneybox recently and their stance seems to be not a priority in developing this feature so I could only hope EMMA is able to push this further forward

We’re still waiting on approval from MoneyBox but are hoping to get this up and running for you soon!


Any updates on Money Box integration? I have my LISA with them and it would be super useful to have this feature


I think if you message moneybox they will say the same thing they told me they don’t have plans to create an open banking API. Its a moneybox issue not an EMMA one

I messaged the CEO and co-founder in 2018. He stopped replying after I asked for the API.

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Typical behaviour it should be a legal requirement I think to have some API integration. Its super anti consumer to not let people manage their money the way they want

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Moneybox is the only integration I need for a full house.

It’s just a shame they don’t offer the option to connect.

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Id say pester them with emails and try get more people to do so just to push them to do so

Email the founder: