Freetrade Integration

I read Freetrade is not going to make their API public. Do we still have a chance for a partnership?
HMRC is a bloody good deal if it is even remotely possible.


The problem with some fintechs (not referring to Freetrade) is that they are more worried about their marketing department than tech. :man_shrugging:

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Oh that is a bit sad.
As much as i like freetrade, they do not have a good portfolio dashboard as such.
I believe emma could do a better job given some time. :slight_smile:

Emma Investments - Free Stock Trading. :eyes:


See 25:50 to 27:00 here. According to this they are planning to provide APIs, and even mention Emma.



Yes please

I stand corrected and glad I was. Look forward this now.

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Freetrade :^)


Just noticed you have Freetrade listed in the list above and it says -

  • Freetrade (no plans to make API public)

But in the Emma app you can add Freetrade account (under Investments)??

Did you try adding them to see what happens?

Hey @asy1mpo

Freetrade is not available at the moment but we are in talks with then and a couple of others at the moment so I have just updated the list!

No. I don’t have a Freetrade account. I was thinking of maybe joining them

OK. I can see what happens now when you click on Freetrade in the app - and the message about currently not available etc :slight_smile:

yes we hope to integrate with them very soon :slight_smile:

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Is there any progress with Freetrade integration?

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Freetrade are releasing an API soon so I think Emma are just waiting on that

They said it was ready 8 months ago. :sob:

Jeez :roll_eyes: they’ve got a lot going on at the moment tbf!

Any update on the Freetrade API? I plan to sign up to it and would love to see my investments in the Emma app, thanks!