AJ Bell Youinvest

Continuing the discussion from (Most-Wanted :uk:) integrations:

Could we have integration to AJ Bell Youinvest please. Apparently the api is available- see Link



Is there an update on this? AJ Bell


Yes please, I second this. It such a pity, because other than that, it really is a brilliant app!

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We don’t have an ETA at the moment for this, but we’ll update the community as soon as we have one :blush::blush:


Look forward to it!

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AJ Bell have had a public API since 2018. Please tell me this integration is coming soon :blush:

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Really sorry but we don’t have an eta right now. I’ll let you know if anything changes though!

Is there any update or chance of this happening soon? it makes sense

Loving the app!! It’s a game changer.

I would also like to see this integration added (especially as I worked on the open banking API for AJ Bell)