2023 Integration Wishlist

Hope to see some progress with the following providers:

  • Moneybox
  • Principality Building Society
  • Coventry Building Society
  • Halifax (all savings accounts)
  • First Direct (all savings accounts)
  • Chase

Hey @grant.m,

Unfortunately at this time, we are still waiting on MoneyBox to send us their API.

We are tracking the building societies in our integration list, so there is the possibility of having these added in the near future.

In regards to the Savings accounts, banks only need to provide access to payment accounts via the Open Banking system, but hopefully this changes in the future! :crossed_fingers:


My wish list, but know most of these are unrealistic
Nest pension
Mortgages (Halifax)
Freetrade S&P isa

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Where is Coutts on the roadmap? I think Emma used to have it… Think it’s a standard Open Banking API :grinning:

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Has Moneybox announced an API?

Another vote for Moneyfarm.

My mortgage is with Clydesdale, so that would be nice too (but probably out of scope).

I think Chase is the most likely of all these.

@grant.m request for all savings accounts depends on the law - it’s out of our hands. :sob:

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I’m not giving up. I’d like to see integration with European banks (Especially Norwegian ones) in 2023😎

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Binance Smart Chain support

Would love St James’ Place integration & Chip

Can you please get integration of the below, without them the everyday, savings, investments and net worth on the app is pointless for me and I can’t remove it from the home screen.

Coventry building society
Ford Money