(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

Oh that is a bit sad.
As much as i like freetrade, they do not have a good portfolio dashboard as such.
I believe emma could do a better job given some time. :slight_smile:

Emma Investments - Free Stock Trading. :eyes:


Moneybox and Moneyfarm.


The first one doesn’t talk to us.

While Moneyfarm is run by Italians, like Oval Money; so we have exchanged a few messages.

You say β€˜don’t’ any particular reason?

Moneybox said no the first time and then stopped replying.

For anyone who feels adventurous: ben@moneyboxapp.com.


Awesome, great to see you’ve pulled it over from Reddit. Mine were covered in there :smiley:

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Easier to copy/paste. :wink:

Is there a list somewhere with the current status of these, or will you just update everyone when they’re done?

If there is an API, demand and a friendly partner, we just get them done; so far I have personally ghosted on 2 fintechs. The reason was no one had them in the first place, so there was no point in doing a read-only integration.

Cool, yeah good shout. Even if you’re not going to pursue one, will you update it here though?

Yes, of course.

We can keep the whole list updated.

I think moderators can modify it too. :smiley:

@grant.macgregor was already doing some edits yesterday.

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Legends! I’d be happy to alpha or beta test anything too, any way I could get involved?


We were testing Chip a couple of weeks ago, but not it’s fully live.

We’ll need to test some Open Banking integrations later in the summer. :slight_smile:

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Great! Will keep an eye out :eyes:

What integrations do you need? :slight_smile:

AJ Bell, HSBC Loans and Marcus :smiley:


The problem with loans is that they sometimes use a different interface. That’s why all the technical providers out there (Saltedge, TrueLayer, Yodlee), mostly do not support them. Marcus is a new one and I haven’t seen anyone building a scraper yet, even though it would be really easy.

Tandem, Skipton Building Society and Marcus are the major ones for me. If those three were integrated then I would never have to use an alternative finance app again.

Why do you guys have Skipton? Just curious. :eyes: