Emma Pro Feedback

I think if you do it right, it can actually look really good. The trick is not to put “Pro” on every greyed out button and not to immediately link to the Pro upgrade page - just a page telling users what the unavailable feature is.

Otherwise, yeah, it can make the app ugly and feel like you’re being pressured to upgrade.

You just want all users to “see” the Pro app.

I have got a new phone recently and started downloading apps like crazy.

I was surprised to see how many apps sell their Pro version right away without even looking at the basic one. :laughing:

I don’t have Emma Pro. It costs a bit more than I’m willing to pay for this type of app and none of the Pro features are features I’m particularly interested in. However, I’d actually be willing to make voluntary donations for the free version. If there was a donate option, I’d donate £1 to £2 per month for the free version.

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What features are you interested in? :slight_smile:

This is cool and thank you for even mentioning this. It really means a lot to us.

The only problem is we are not a charity. ehehe :smiley:

I don’t know if there any which could be Pro-type features.

I’ve made a few product enhancement suggestions on the forum over the last few weeks. These are the only things I can think of that I would like to see in Emma that aren’t currently available or are currently limited in some way. But I suspect none of these are Pro-type features.

In some kind of order of desirability:
Accounts tab organisation and sorting
Better search
Editing pending transactions
Better/user-assisted transaction linking
Link to merchant search from within transactions
Feedback on logo submissions
Support for 3rd party keyboards

Some for-profit companies do it. For example, The Guardian newspaper has a Contributor option which allows you to contribute as little as £1 either as a one-off or regular payment and is independent of their Premium subscription tiers.

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:moneybag: just take the money! Put it towards a charity…

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This is cool.

I like this list, but they definitely don’t fit in Pro. ehehe

In terms of Pro features, I think we are good for now.

Transactions Splitting is coming this month with free trials.

How about data import?

I was categorising some spend today and thinking how much easier it would be to do it all in Excel on a nice big screen :joy:

How about importing an updated database file back into Emma?

I am open for this.

The main challenge is in the format.

Like Emma understands X, Y, Z, so people need to import in X, Y, Z.

If they try to do Z, Y, X, it won’t work. I can see lots of friction and angry people. :wink:

I’ve been looking at the xlsx again and you’ve kept the structure nice and simple.

Couldn’t you just lock the header row and transaction ID column?

The transaction ID now makes it very easy to check that the import file matches the original export.

I think the bigger task would be some kind of visual preview of the changes in the app…

How do you import accounts? Overdrafts? Balances? :stuck_out_tongue:

Match internal transactions…and so on…

I suppose I was thinking more about metadata, like tags, categories, notes, references. Just a way to update transaction metadata.

Accounts, transaction amounts, overdrafts, would have to be untouched.

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Quite a few of my dummy accounts are savings accounts, which have one of my “real” accounts as the nominated account or just the account I always transfer to savings from.

Being able to tell Emma this info and automatically add dummy transactions to the dummy account would be amazing…

Difficult, maybe


I think in this case manual input of transactions might be easier and this is something we want to add in. :slight_smile:

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Maybe with an option to use the data from an existing transaction in the app? That would be pretty cool.

It would save you typing in a number that’s already in the app


Yeah, that can be done too.

We are particularly happy with Pro and I think there is room for improvement.

At this point, we are looking for next features to add in the next 3-6 months + better existing ones.

Hi, I’ve just started using the app and Pro features after bouncing between different budget management solutions. I like the app, I think compared to other UK solutions I have used (Yolt, Money Dashboard) it offers comparable features and I think the app is more polished than those. Key features I would be keen to see mirror the above I think:

Pro features feedback

Custom icons for categories;
The ability to set a custom budget amount per category (not limited to multiples of 5);
Ability to customise the dashboard tiles;
Ability to see a planned bank balance in more detail based on recurring transactions so you can plan ahead;
Mac app/ web app/ported iOS app for desktop browsing.

Standard app feedback

I’m not sure I like the little quotes on the dashboard. I get the idea to make the app more approachable and maybe some people like them, I just find them a bit too saccharine for my tastes.

It’s a great app though and like the effort gone into it! I’ll continue subscribing for now as I think you are clearly driven to improve it further!