Emma 3.0 Designs

Hey guys,

as you know we are working on a few big changes and I wanted to share with you some early concepts/drafts that we have made.

We are going to have 5 new tabs: Feed/Invest/Pay/Save and Upgrade.

The main change is that we are moving all the core functionality on the first screen and introducing two new tabs to Invest and Save money.

I am quite excited because Emma won’t just because a tool for tracking finances, but will enable our users to also take action.


Looks great, Hoping dark mode comes soon to join it. I would love the analytics page to go red in the progress bar once u are over a budget for a category.

The feed page being able to be reordered and organised would be great as it is right now some parts I don’t use. For Emma pro/plus the upgrade tab really doesn’t make sense. Once u are at the top package it seems like a waste of a useful tab.

Being able to tap on a merchant and it brings up that merchants analytics would be great. Showing average monthly spend, spend last 3 months, increasing or degreasing, etc etc.

Also personal preference but themes would be great. Going with dark mode have difference choices of accent colours emma has a certain style but when I show people how cool the app is it doesn’t look very mature with the super vivd colour choices. More customisation would be great so emma is unique to me and I can have what I need easily.

And just more data


I echo all of this - some great points.

Also I agree that I think Emma’s design can be polarising. And if you want mass adoption perhaps there needs to be options, where the default theme is a bit more toned down.

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The new design is just purple and white, a bit better? :sweat_smile:

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What I am excited about is the separation between “Analytics” and “Budgeting”.

The first one is a place to see cashflow for any period (even custom ones) or see data as a piechart (we have an option for that).

The second is pure budgeting: total budget, categories budgets, committed spending, rolling budgets and so on. :wink:

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 09.01.16


This is also what happens when you tap on “Cash”.

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 09.21.50

Don’t get me wrong I love the designs. But the only negative feedback I’ve come across from others (on Reddit or on Discord for example) is some people think the designs and weekly report are “childish”. Design will always be subjective - it really depends if you want to target a certain customer or become more mass appeal. I think the new designs are more mass appeal for sure. Also love the look of the new features!

The design just needs some customisation so Emma is more individual maybe a different accent colour instead of purple. Fully aware those are company colours but would like more personalisation. Along with some of the features and things I highlighted in my first message. Is there a scheduled release date for 3.0 yet?

I imagine this has to do with the current design, that’s why I was wondering about the new one. :wink:

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Yes exactly that :slightly_smiling_face: I like the new design, and think it solves this issue. The weekly report critique is a separate issue for some people.

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We’ll fix this.

I’m curious to know what are the 5 tabs in US version ? Is it same as Feed/Invest/Pay/Save and Upgrade ?

Love the redesign and all the features. I’m an software architect/ engineer myself and I know the excitement of enhancing user experience. I love love to be part of any beta testing if any.


In the US, we won’t be able to offer Invest/Pay/Save, so we’ll have 2 tabs for now. :slight_smile:

When is the release date?

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February if we are fast


Main thing for me would be an easy way to know which transactions I have already categorised and which ones I have left to check if they are in the correct category.

This is also useful because often Emma automatically marks many transactions as ‘excluded’ which I don’t want to be excluded.

I think I read there will be a Review feature implemented in Emma on the road map I think this is it?

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Hey @myEMMA :wave:

How do you imagine this working for new users? I remember when I was testing another budgeting app (the name escapes me) and they tried to make me do this for over 1000 transactions because I had just signed up :grimacing:

It could ask ‘what date do you wish to start categorising your spending from, today, the start of the previous tax year, start of this current calendar year, or choose your own date’

just something along those lines I’d say mate. Many would probably just choose form the start of the current month. I’d probably start it from the start of the current tax year so I can get an overview of my self-employment expenses and income swell as my usual monthly budgeting.

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I think that’s quite a good idea! Definitely good to encourage categorisation and manual review.

I would gamify and do a fun “check your transactions” game with maybe five or ten transactions every now and then to improve the accuracy. I can see that working well

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