Editing pending transactions (category, notes, tags, etc)

I like that Emma provides the ability to change categories on transactions and add notes and tags. This really helps with spending tracking. However, you can’t do this whilst a transaction has pending status - which may last a day or more. Having to wait a day or two before these things can be added/edited blunts their usefulness, in my opinion. I will often forget to go back to transaction to change the category or add notes/tags a couple of days after it takes place.

Ideally I want to be able to do this relatively soon after a transaction takes place when the transaction is relatively fresh in my mind (e.g. on the same day as the transaction). Please provide the ability to change transaction category and add notes and tags whilst a transaction still has pending status.


Transactions change amount, reference and dates once they settle; so we can’t let you do any editing. :frowning:

I can imagine it would be difficult, but I suspect not impossible. Admittedly I don’t know what these things look like behind the scenes, but my guess is there would be enough common information to match a settled transaction with a previous pending transaction (and any notes, tags, etc that have been added to it).

The problem is we are not a bank, so we don’t have enough common information.

In this case, it would just be the transaction amount, so it’s really a tough guess.

It’s like we can put it in production and it works 5 out of 10. :smiley:

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I also think this would be handy. I can often see stuff in the wrong category that I have to wait to fix

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Interesting post on this topic in another thread. Worth having a link here for people reading this thread

Tbh I know little of how this works but as an end consumer removing the friction of having to backtrack so often would be a bonus.

How about if I can mark a transaction and when it switches out of pending I’ll receive a notification so I can easily access it and edit?


Love that idea. It’s typically only some transactions I want to edit (rather than every one) so would find it useful to flag these occasional transactions for notification once they have cleared. Would be a pragmatic stop-gap solution until the time comes when we can edit pending transactions.

Yes, so what we have in plan is to:

  1. Let you edit pending transactions.
  2. Notify when there is new stuff to look at.

We want to solve 1) really well, so we can do 2). This will improve the experience by 10x and make everyone happy.

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