Emma Pro Feedback

This feature was launched in January 2019 and has seen a pretty good adoption rate + growth. We are really happy about its performance.

It currently includes these features:

  • Custom Categories
  • Exporting of Data
  • Rename Transactions
  • Manual Accounts
  • Legendary Pro Icon (ios only)

Upcoming features:

  • Split Transactions

Current Pricing:

  • £4.99 monthly
  • £21.99 6 months
  • £41.99 Yearly

It would be great to know what your thoughts are and what features we should add. :slight_smile:

I know we’ve conversed a few times over different channels (my username is the same) but still think it’s overpriced for what it offers but if like you said uptake is pretty good then you’ve got no reason to change the price.


In the space, there are several different apps with recurring subscriptions, such as:

  • YNBAB ($84 a year)
  • Spendee ($22.99 a year)
  • Bankin (€4.99 a month)
  • Squirrel (£2.50 a week)

We simply tried to align with those to see if we had product/market/pricing fit. :slight_smile:

It is still early days - Emma Pro is 3 months old.

I think it’s overpriced for what it offers at the minute. I signed up for a year, primarily to support the app, as the free offering is fantastic. I don’t think I’d renew after that unless there are more features added to pro, improvements to the existing feature, or a cheaper price.

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Hey @Logan09, thanks for being a Pro user.

It would be great to know what improvements you want to see + extra features. :wink:

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To start, I think refinements to the current pro features, as they’re mostly pretty basic.

Custom categories should allow you to choose an icon (matching the style of the standard set of categories). This would make them feel a bit more equal to the standard categories.

Dummy accounts could allow adding (or subtracting) an amount as a transaction, rather than re-entering the balance. Then at least you could see what has been paid in there (albeit entered manually).

Exporting could allow choosing date ranges, or filtering what to export by account etc.

Renaming transactions would be better if it could detect certain names and automatically rename them.

They just all feel a little basic. Whilst I’m suggesting things, please add an export/share option for attached screenshots, so I can export my receipt images for my expenses. Currently screenshotting them, which isn’t as elegant.


Thanks for the valuable feedback.

  1. In terms of this, our main issue was guessing what our users wanted; but now that we have lots of custom categories in the system, we could potentially take the top 20 and draw some icons.

  2. Yes, we planned this from the start, but then decided for a much simpler version. We don’t have a problem to extend this feature in the short-medium term.

  3. Some people have asked for this. I was more interested in knowing how you use your excel sheets? Our thinking was, “we give them everything and then they can do whatever they want” :wink:

  4. This is easy, we can do it.

Are you uploading lots of receipts? We had plans to have a view to see all the receipts in Emma with a big “download them all” button, possibly in the Account Settings. :slight_smile:

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Your reply sums up one of the main reasons I love Emma. It’s refreshing to have a developer both listen to user feedback, and be so open and honest discussing why things have been implemented as they have.

Good to hear about the custom category icons, dummy accounts, and auto renaming. I mentioned the export options, purely because it struck me as quite basic, I don’t really have a use for this feature myself. I imagine some users would want to be able to export only selected accounts, or by a date range.

I’ve been categorising all my work expenses as “business”, so if I could download all receipts for a month that would be great. Don’t really see a need for downloading every receipt I’ve ever uploaded.

Probably the easiest solution would just be to have a share button when you view the attachement/receipt. Starling do this, so I’m using their app for saving receipts currently. Would prefer to use Emma, as it’s the app I use the most for my finances.


Thanks, time to check out the Starling way. :eyes:

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In the context of custom categories and renaming transactions, it would be nice if manual updates to logos could be instant for Pro, even if a review is needed before rolling out to everyone.

Probably just me wanting perfect icons immediately! :nerd_face:



Ability to delete custom categories created in error!

Ability to specify date range for data export

Ability to keep a record of historic balances (with dates) when updating balances on a dummy account

Ability to get balance info for any (or all) accounts on a specific date

Free hint on Emma quiz :rofl:


It’s there already, just tap on the category and a menu pops up where you’re able to delete it, edit the name or change the colour.

We keep a record of those updates and that becomes part of the graphs you see in the Accounts tab, however you’ll be able to see the balance history for that account only if it’s of Investment type (just like non-manual accounts)



Will there be any trial offers? Would be nice to try it for a week to see if I like it :man_shrugging:t2::+1:


Yes, we are adding this in May. :wink:


How would people feel about being able to set an Emoji as your custom category icon? This is something I’ve always liked the idea of, and potentially something that could be done quicker.
To be honest I didn’t even realise there was a demand for these icons!

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Emoji would be better than the current, somewhat inscrutable, first 2 letters of the name. At least we’d be able to see at a glance what the category is.

Would still like icons in the same style as the other category icons at some point, as I like the design consistency, but maybe that’s just me :joy:


Haha I also am big fan of design consistency. The obvious benefits of using emojis is just that there are loads of them so users can probably find a suitable one pretty easily. It just provides a level of customisation we probably couldn’t t replicate (at least not right now), with hand designed icons.


That makes sense. I could certainly deal with emojis :grinning:

Just a thought, what happens to transactions with custom categories if I stop being a pro user?

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Would be great if we can get rid of the first two initials for categories!

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Just the background? :open_mouth: