NEW Emma Pro Features Launch Today 🎉


As you know the team have been working hard to bring you some juicy new features in Emma Pro :muscle: Well I can officially say they are now live in the app!

Most of these features have been built based on feedback from you guys in this forum, so thank you for being part of this community and contributing your ideas. Keep them coming! I have tagged a couple of people who requested these features but there were loads of you so please share your feedback.

So without further ado here they are:

Custom Category Emojis:

Lot’s of you guy’s asked for this one! Customise your categories even further by adding your fave Emojis to each icon. Let’s face it the opportunities are endless… :unicorn: @Logan09 this one’s for you!

Manual Balances in any Currency:

Do you have bank accounts with foreign currencies? Well if so, we’ve got you covered! Add your manual accounts and update your balance with a choice of endless currencies. Adding a manual account with Angolan kwanza has never been easier. :angola: @BendikHa :wink:

Rename Multiple Transactions:

With Emma Pro, you can already rename multiple transactions, so we thought we’d take it that step further. Save time @Gaoler and rename multiple transactions in one go. :muscle: :rofl:

Create Manual Transactions:

Now, this is a big one! @dn1982, @blissd and others requested this! For those that use cash or want to connect an account which is not currently available in Emma, this feature is for you. You can now create manual transactions for your manual accounts. Went to the barber and had to pay in cash @Recchan? :rofl: Create a new transaction inside of the app and stay on top!

Export Data between Time Ranges:

If you are sat there thinking, I would love to see how much I spent over summer last year… Then this feature is your new best friend. Select two different dates and export all of your spending data over this time. We will even email it to you as an attachment for your records. @crd1904 recently requested this :smiley:

So what do you think!? :point_down:


We build foreign currencies under @BendikHa suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought it was @bendik who suggested this! I will add now :wink:

Awesome, and thanks for the mention. I think all these features are great and can see myself using 2/3 of them pretty regularly. Great work team Emma! :ok_hand:


Have you added emojis to your custom categories yet?!

I’ve made a start…


If I can work out how much we actually spend on clothes/shoes for our 3 daughters, I’m sure my wife would be shocked :joy:

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haha! amazing and yes I can only imagine :rofl:

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Good work guys, that’s a lot of great features! :partying_face:


This is great guys! :slight_smile: looking forward to trying all these features. I don’t see an update on the iOS App Store though (And I don’t have the features in the app)


Are you on the UK app store?

This looks dope.

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I searched for the app in the store and updated “manually” - that worked. The update was not showing in my App Store maybe because I had the TestFlight version installed. All good now :slight_smile:


Mmm actually now I’m on the latest version (downloaded from the UK store) but I don’t see the custom categories:

Another odd thing is that even if I set a total budget the app says I still have that quest left

They are in Emma Pro.

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Ah! Found em :relieved:

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Is it already live in Canada? As I have update the app but none of the feature is showing in pro yet. Secondly what about the other features promised to push out by end of this month like customs budget period etc…

Hey @nilsej

We are on version 2.2.0. This should be reflected in Settings. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am on 2.2 but pro still shows an old list of pro features…You didn’t answer me for other free feature arrivals

Hi @nilsej

All of the new features co-exist within the current pro features so you need to go into these to find the new features.

I don’t have an update on these features at the moment but keep an eye out of the forum because we are always posting updates