What important features are we missing?

Hey guys,

I thought it would be worth opening another thread to check on the status of the app and track what features you’d love to see in Emma.

These are a few that I am personally tracking:


  • Invest / Save balances in overview
  • Notifications linked to transactions
  • Custom feed
  • Better insights / reports


  • Networth longer than a year
  • Filter on networh graph
  • Better graphs in general

Analytics / Budgeting

  • Exclude categories from Analytics
  • Subcategories
  • Forecast
  • Improve smart rules with categorisation
  • Bulk editing everywhere


  • Remove excluded from “All transactions”


  • Search by date or custom period
  • More performant search (currently fails for things like E.ON)


  • ISA
  • UK stocks / ETFs


  • Roundups
  • Auto-save


  • Desktop / web / iPad / Mac
  • Pending transactions editing
  • Faster syncs
  • Better UI - this is subjective but keeps showing up for some reason :sweat_smile:

If I have missed something, it’d be great to make a good list together :point_down:

Bank connections are not features. :wink:


Would love forecasting as you mentioned.

Improved weekly reports - I don’t care about spend as % compared to other users - I want the real numbers. A monthly report would be good too.

Toggle on excluded transactions in the All Transactions view.

Bulk editing across all views.

Better search.

You can merge my “Snoop” insights here too. I like the idea of clever financial insights - e.g as my mobile contract is with EE, warning me about the CPI price increase.

Yes, I guess it goes for “Better insights” :wink:

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I think a big one I’ve mentioned before sort of goes with improved analytics is that there is no average income and average monthly spend figure as a total similar ti the bar graphs in analytics just as an average. But think it should be a big one missing.

A new stock graph for net worth, it should be like a stock ticker where every transaction can be seen to impact also there is no x or y axis units big pet peeve of mine.

This is the only place to find the average monthly spend which is silly but also the average income should be right next to it to know if you are spending more than you earn.

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IOS / iPadOS /MacOS widgets would be great too

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I am updating the list!

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Signed up to say that the only thing stopping me from switching away from Plum is automated saving.

I’d really like integration into Moneyfarm as well, but I can live without that. The intelligent saving algorithm in Plum has been key to my saving strategy. Once you have an equivalent, I will switch my subscription to Emma.

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Thanks for suggesting this!

It’s in our roadmap: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


Anticipated in the short term, too, I see. Excellent news!


I think autosave should include a feature where if you are under budget or earn more then you spend at the end of a month it takes this and adds it to a savings pot. I’m not sure if plum does this already

Plum has several gimmicky savings rules, some of which I use as the mood strikes me. I think the basic one simply analyses your current account every month and works out how much money you are likely to need between then and your next pay day. From that, it works out how much money to transfer to your designated savings or investment pot (according to other rules you can set up). This basic algorithm has what I suppose could be called an “aggressiveness” calibration, so you can save more or less each week depending on your preference.

What would really be nice is an option to say “At the end of each pay period, transfer any money in my current account over a buffer of £X (say, £200, but configurable) into a savings pot.” I think this would be helpful for my personal financial discipline; if I get into the headspace of always starting the month with exactly £200 in my current account, plus that month’s salary, the temptation to splurge would be much reduced.

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Couldnt agree more, a simple podt pay period could even be a prompt in the app next time you log in saying

“Well done you were £250 under budget this month would you like to save or invest”

Then have 2 sections to type in how much to savings and investment. Click done and it does it for you . Would be even better if EMMA could send the money to accounts that aren’t emma savings pots but i think thats wishful thinking.


One of the biggest ones for me is the Analytics and budgeting in one tab. Exactly like it was before the redesign, it just doesn’t make sense to separate the two when they have very similar layouts and when people use them simultaneously. It is frustrating to constantly switch tabs to actually see the unbudgeted spend.


I do agree there is so much crossover probably should be merged

Having everything together makes it really difficult to build more features on top.

There are things that simply don’t work like:

  • Daily budget
  • Filters
  • 3 types of chart
  • Forecast

and I can keep going… :slight_smile:

This is coming for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


Biggest issue for me, and since the inception of the app, is integrations. I did invest in the funding round with the expectation that there would be a tun of integrations.

IMHO Emma will die without many more banking & investment integrations. Only after that does the feature list become interesting.

Heck, at a minimum, you should provide for a way to semi automate integrations ( for example reading a balance from a file on shared drive or upload/process statements ).

You can’t just wait for institutions to support open banking, many I’m sure, you’ll need to use their proprietry API.


Great to hear can’t wait to see the implementation

I tend to disagree I think EMMA has the vast majority of major banks particularly in the uk. You could use the offline accounts feature instead of a shared drive for the same effect but it really is down to the bank to provide a way to read data so if you want more integrations it should be messaging that service to provide an API for things like EMMA to use and then the integration will be added. Once chase gets added for me thats all the accounts I have it would be nice to add trading 212 but thats down to them rather than EMMA.