Merchant logo submission process

After submitting a merchant logo there is no persistent record that you have already done so. Because of this, I suspect I have probably made repetitive submissions before my initial submission has been reviewed.

It would be useful if you add something to prevent this happening. For example, if I try to submit a logo a second time it would be useful if a message came up on the logo submission screen saying something along the lines of “you have already submitted a logo for this merchant and it is currently awaiting review”


Yes this is a great idea! I think its definitely worth giving you some feedback letting you know you’ve submitted a logo.


We can defo check this out. :slight_smile:


Would be great to receive some sort of ‘confirmation’ process after submitting. Submitted one recently, but don’t know if it’s being reviewed (or it just hasn’t been checked yet).


That’s true, but what happens if we reject it? It would turn people off. :frowning:

As long as you gave a brief reason behind the rejection, people will accept/may be able to provide further evidence.

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What if they get angry and start complaining to support? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s really a tough one and a few people report these things; but the general thinking is if the string doesn’t look similar to the merchant, we generally don’t approve it.

There are people who submit their partner’s twitter handle. :rofl:

But the point still stands.

Users main gripe is likely to be that they don’t know whether their merchant logo suggestion has been checked or not.


Yes, you are right.

It requires some thinking, cause I wouldn’t even know where to place it. :sweat_smile:

Like a merchant review option in settings.

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I think the best way to solve this is to actually let you add whatever logo you want without review (we are thinking about this). It’s just a bit difficult but not impossible.

In this way, no review is required and you get what you want right away.

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Manual selection would be great.

You could even check for string consistencies and twitter handles recommended. After say 50% matching, said logo could be rolled out across the entire app.

Yes, we could have custom logos for users and then high level approval that rolls out to everyone.


@edoardomoreni coud you consider providing some alternative options for logo submission sources. Perhaps Facebook at least.

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You can submit whatever you want, although it’s not explicit; but it works the same on our side, provided you are submitting an image hosted on the internet. :slight_smile:


Oh! Didn’t know that - v useful to know :slight_smile:

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How does this work now that twitter merchant logos can be submitted and updated in real-time?

If we submit facebook or instagram profile links in the twitter field will it still be considered for manual updating on your end or will the system now just ignore it?

It would be great if you could provide explicit facebook and instagram options on the update logo page and then grag in real-time from those sources. I encounter many places that don’t have twitter but they do have facebook and/or instagram (particularly restaurants).

Yes, the system will ignore it.

We are using the Twitter API to retrieve the logos every time. Facebook and Instagram don’t have this functionality, so we can’t do anything about it yet. :grimacing:

Does that mean it will get picked up by someone to update manually on your end or it will no longer get through to anyone?

We are still storing them, but it will take sometime before we add them.

This is a really time consuming process, which we want to optimise in the long term with different strategies, including the realtime update. :slight_smile:

Given you are still acting on non-Twitter submissions it would be nice if this option could be made more explicit on the logo submission screen.

For example, the existing logo submission page could have the existing Twitter option but perhaps underneath it could also have a “Retailer does not have Twitter account” link. This could then redirect to another page which requests Facebook or Instagram or generic URL. That page could contain the message that non-Twitter submissions are manually reviewed and will take time to get added.

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