(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

It’s easy to set up, just like any other bank. No particular pre-requisites.

Yes it would be good to have an Islamic bank added on.


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No, we don’t have anything yet. :slight_smile:

We are still focused on migrating the existing ones without disrupting the service.

At this point, HSBC, RBS and Natwest are not returning some accounts.

Can you add GreenDot bank???

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Is it a US bank?

If so, perhaps put in the US-specific wanted integration thread.

It is. That’s what the bank is called…not sure what you mean…

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You’ve suggested GreenDot in the thread for UK integration requests.

There’s a different thread for US integrations


Please integrate Funding Circle and Old Mutual Wealth

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Top 2 things I’d find useful right now:

  1. Desktop-web Version
  2. Joint account that allows me to share the budget with my spouse and she can monitor spending on her side too. Essentially creating a family budgeting app between us.

Any progress on these?

Please add Aviva pensions.


And Neteller too!


Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card
NS&I (APIs poss live next month)

:smile: please

Has Klarna been suggested yet?

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i’m using emma daily how long before open banking is added to all accounts i thought there was a deadline mid september ? some have been but tesco is still having authentication problems which need to be done each time i refresh that account any news on them ?