Marcus Integration

Not yet. :frowning:

Any update on Marcus (available via Yolt)?

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We don’t have any update from our partners. :frowning:

I only ask as I remember you saying that Emma were in discussions with Saltedge.

Yes, Plaid UK does support it.

We haven’t made a move and I suspect after the 14th of September they might enforce two factor authentication and will make access unusable (they don’t have to).

Marcus please! I’m currently using Emma and another app that starts with a Y. The only thing stopping me using Emma alone is Marcus integration. The other app has this working, somehow …!

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Hi! I love Emma app and use it everyday!
I know it has already been asked but, I would also love to see Marcus and TransferWise added to the list.
I already tweeted to both a few months ago, for what it’s worth.
Please keep us posted, thanks


Thanks a lot!

Transferwise has an API, so it’s just a matter of time for us. :slight_smile:

What about Marcus?

It’s not our current focus right now. :cry:

Disappointing (considering how many users have requested it).

Both TrueLayer and Saltedge don’t currently support it, so we would need to do some extra work. :sweat_smile:

Again, disappointing to hear.

But does Marcus even provide an Open Banking API?

If not, surely the ball is entirely in their court (rather than companies like Emma, TrueLayer, Saltedge, etc)?

It’s not a payment account, so they don’t have requirement.

Just wondering if Marcus was on the roadmap?

Hey @krs :wave:

We need to wait for Marcus to release an API before we can consider adding them to Emma! :crossed_fingers:


Oh great thanks for the reply!

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Any update on this? Has Marcus released an API? I recommended Marcus to a friend but she can’t see her savings in her Marcus account :cry:


If you take a look at the Roadmap, it’s going to be a while before there are any new connections. I use manual accounts and smart rules for my Marcus balances, which works well, but you need a Pro subscription…

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