John Lewis Integration

Where’s John Lewis?

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John Lewis partnership as many have already said - for me, it’s my main credit card and the only thing that stops me from using the Emma app properly, I have to use alternatives as otherwise the Emma app is missing too much of my key spending without the JL card.

Hey @kharzan

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Thanks for sharing your feedback. We have had a couple of requests for this one so hopefully, this is something we can do in the future.

Definitely keep an eye out on this thread and our socials for integrations updates.

In the meantime feel free to share any feature ideas you have or feedback about the app here:

(Most-Wanted) Features


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Thank you kindly for the reply! Really hope this goes live as an account type so I can really use the Emma app properly

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Please could you add John Lewis partnership card and post office credit card accounts?

:raising_hand_woman:t2: Another vote for John Lewis and post office.

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Any update on integration with John Lewis Partnership Card which is operated by HSBC?

Like others I use this card for day to day purchases to earn points and receive cash vouchers to spend at Christmas. Not point subscribing to Emma without this connection

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I believe that John Lewis Finance use a Modified Customer Interface connection, so don’t offer proper Open Banking support (and they are unlikely to unless forced by the regulator).

Emma have made a strategic decision not to support MCI connections, so won’t be adding support unless/until an API is made available.

Hi there,

I use John Lewis credit partnership card the most and it would be great to have the option to add it to Emma.


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Hey there @Lu0110

Welcome to the Emma community and thanks for your integration request!

I’ve just moved your comment into this existing thread :blush:

@Seb has explained in the comments above a little bit about the progress of JL in Emma!

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I pestered John Lewis about open banking again and got a more informative answer.
They have gone for MCI and have no intention of providing an API (unless required by the regulator I guess). And as Emma has gone for API not MCI I guess we’re stuck.
Really disappointing. I wonder if it is worth seeing if the regulator is thinking of changing the regulations.

Yes, the idea of forcing all financial providers to support API Open Banking is being looked at by regulators, but there is concern that it would be too costly for some small providers so they are reticent to force the issue.

The idea, I think, is that everybody else already supporting it should act as a kind of soft pressure on competitors who would be forced to implement support so they could catch up, or risk losing customers. It doesn’t seem to have worked so far, but maybe John Lewis could be persuaded down the line?

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Ditch and go elsewhere - it’s the only option you have right now


Yeah. May well do that. Need to look in to what cards Emma supports and see what’s the best option. What’s the general consensus?

What features do you most want in a credit card? (there is no perfect one that has everything)

Do you want just one or do you want multiple?

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I have one that’s good for foreign stuff (not that there’s much foreign travel atm) and I use JL for everything else and clear it each month. I like the vouchers JL sends so probably if probably go with something that have good rewards/cash back. But not Amex as not accepted in lots of places.

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If you’re after a non-Amex rewards card, I believe Emma can connect to all the non-Amex options highlighted by MSE (apart from John Lewis)

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Thanks. After a quick analysis and consideration, I now have a new credit card. Am looking forward to the interesting things I will learn about our spend patterns :blush:


Any update on this?

Only that mandating API support seems to be something regulators are now actively considering, and could result in a change to Open Banking requirements as soon as next year.

So this is now looking more positive: