What important features are we missing?

Sounds like one of your connections might not be working. You can check per connection status via the bank logins page (profile icon in top left then bank logins).

Can you also reach out to live chat? We can take a look.

Potentially a bug, but offline accounts functionality. I have a few. If they are normal accounts or investment accounts, there is a graph visible when I click on them. (I changes the balances weekly) and I get the graph to see growth over time.

For pensions, there is no graph. I’ve got no indicator in Emma of growth over time, which is value (I don’t want to have to make my own graph in Excel, when the functionality could be in Emma). There doesn’t appear to be a good reason for this, given the data is all provided by me when I update the balance.

Can you add this, please?

Is it just me or is anyone finding it more and more common in having to reach out to live chat to have a Twitter logo added?

It felt so smooth only a few months ago.

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Yes, Elon Musk has put some API limitations. :slight_smile:

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Is an alternative implementation for updating merchant logos in the works? Even aside from the Xitter API limitations, not all merchants are on there to begin with - especially local businesses in the UK tend to be far more likely to be on Facebook than anything else.

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I’d love it if we could just manually upload transaction/merchant logos.

Could add a photo of a friend if you’ve sent them money etc.

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Thanks for the reply, however I don’t think so. The committed spending looks to be what is already known as reoccurring spendings. I’m looking to add a one off payment to this bucket and for it to be calculated altogether.

I Can’t wait for the desktop version. I’ll be jumping on Ultimate subscription once the web version is released. A lotta people here would too


I see! I’ve shared your request with our product team.Thanks for your input!

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Committed Spending
I would like to see a total figure for committed spending. At the moment l am using a calculator to see the total committed spend.

Net worth Graphs
I don’t find the net worth graphs useful at all. There is no axis pints on the graphs and not easy to track net worth or trying to reduce credit card spend.
Maybe how l am using it but the UI could be improved to help view it debts\spend is going in the right direction or not.

Showing where zero is or have some data points would be useful.