Various improvements and new features

Hello! I have been lurking in the community for a little while now and would like to add my two cents.

Emma improvements

Ability to split annual and quarterly payments into the corresponding months - handy for student loans and rent when budgeting

Within the Emma pro features section, a played tutorial with each feature when tapping on the heading instead of the text box

Mark passwords as updated/changed in the security monitoring feature

Weekly balance notification option

Allow custom notification balance – accounts and categories (I don’t want my savings on show)

Undistorted and higher quality image upload for receipt pictures

More depth on goals – realistically, when will the user complete their goal by? If they want to complete their goal by X date is it possible? How much would they need to achieve this monthly?

Cashback available on in-store and online purchases, rewarded through reading transactions (see Airtime Rewards) - Unless cashback is automated it is not a “premium” feature, users could sign up to Topcashback, Quidco instead and get the same thing at possibly better rates. Additionally I’m not sure how helpful cashback offers that are reserved for new customers only are, it doesn’t add any intrinsic value to a paid subscription model. Users pay an annual/monthly subscription to be entitled to an offer that can only be used once or is redundant if they have an existing account with the retailer :thinking:

The ability to hide certain cashback retailers or mark them as irrelevant

Student discount offers integrated into cashback/content geared more specifically to students could increase reach eg weekly reporting metrics compared to student users of Emma instead of all users

New features for Emma

Email receipts option - Curve has a nice implementation of this.

Report Emma subscription payments to credit agencies to boost credit score in conjunction with rent reporting (see Portify) (subject to certain criteria)

Automated utility switches incl phone contracts all in-app (no redirects) using a provider such as uSwitch, lookaftermybills etc

Long term

Dedicated Emma finance app for children, management on the parent’s side could be an extension/enhancement of the groups feature tab section.

There are so many fintech products flooding the market at present, and the idea of having one single app that can do pretty much everything finance related is very thrilling, and such an exciting prospect to me. I love what Emma has offered so far and I am looking forward to all new features, especially the ones that haven’t been thought of yet!

I have been checking this for a while but in their case it’s a proper loan agreement.

It makes a lot of sense, but we would need to do some extra work - we’ll keep digging.

How does this work? I don’t understand the image.

As far as I know with Curve, it allows you to take a picture of the receipt and tie it to the transaction. I guess it then allows you to have the transaction proof sent via email. Not sure if this is what they meant.