Analytics & Budgeting Improvements

Hey guys,

I just wanted to open a thread here to let you know what we are working on following all the feedback we received on the new version of the app.

The team is currently looking at:


  • Improving the speed
  • Showing “unbudgeted spend”
  • Supporting Merchant budgets


  • Introducing a custom filter - wanna see your cash flow in 2018?
  • Adding a pie chart (you can switch between cash flow)

We are also going to add a filter in the Transactions view, so you can quickly jump to different months and we’ll test a new screen for an individual Transaction to improve the editing of categories.

Further, Advanced Transactions Editing will be extended to Tags and individual Categories edits will have an option to “edit just once” so you don’t go and see all the “Similar Transactions”.


Love all of this!

I have an idea. I am possibly older than the majority of your users so I receive a state pension and other income that arrives on a four weekly basis. It would be very useful to adjust the budgeting cycle from calendar monthly to four weekly. There are millions out there who receive payments every four weeks from the UK government. I have had several bank accounts and still have (with different banks) accounts which offer budgeting features and none of them have ever offered this simple helper. It could become a good selling point for Emma. Thank you

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A further point: on re-readin my post I noticed an error. I intentended to say ‘an option to change the budgeting period from calendar month to four weekly’. Apologies for my bad.

Welcome @Ygg

This functionality already exists, it’s called “every 4 weeks” in the app.

See video:

Hello Antonio,

Thank you for your reply. At the moment I can’t even find budgeting! Help please. Not sure why. I have been using Emma for about a year now but find it very difficult to navigate specially since the update a few months ago.

Kind regards


Hey @Ygg,

there are 2 boxes under Analytics (in Feed), the one on the right is budgeting.

I have an account that i have stopped using (Monzo) but have not yet closed it so I hid this on the current balance page but discovered this also hides the transactions in analaytics

Can we please have an option to hide in the balance screens but keep in analytics

You should mark it as closed instead, it does exactly that

The filters are almost ready, quick demo here:

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We are also close to releasing “Budgets by merchants” and “Unbudgeted spend”. :slight_smile:

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This is great, thank you!

Welcome feature addition.

All the above changes are coming next week.

This follows all the feedback we have received with the new app release.

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I can also say we are looking at Forecast, so you can see where the period is heading towards to.

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What else would you include?

To complete this thread, budgets by merchant are coming next week:


Budgets by merchant are already on Android beta.

I’ve been using the new UI for a while but I still find that I prefer the previous UI where analytics and budget are integrated i.e. for each category spent it will show you how is it against the allocated budget for categories that are budgeted. Any particular reasons why they have been separated out?

How does this one differ from before?