Ideas feedback :)

Hi all

Firstly, I want to say that I find Emma to be a brilliant application, which has really helped me gain a better understanding of my finances, where I am spending money, and in turn, where I can really save.

I do think there are a few features missing which would really elevate the application, and I am listing them below.

  1. Whilst a transaction is pending, allow it to be included in your spending (for budgeting). I think having a toggle here where you can choose to include / exclude whilst it is in pending stage would be really useful to help get a more “live” update of your budgeting.

  2. When a transaction clears the pending stage, either have a section that shows you the recent transactions that have done this or be notified. The reason is, I have a bunch of transactions in pending and then one day they move to their respective spent days - but it means I have to scroll down to find them to properly categorise or exclude from analytics. This makes it very easy to miss transactions. I personally use Chase and so on top of spending, I have numerous entries of the round-ups, which is fine, but it takes up a lot of real estate on the page and so missing transactions can be very easy.

  3. On the budgeting circle graph which shows how much you’ve spent out of your total, it would be nice to include a line on that circle which is where your spending “should be” based on your budget divided by the number of days in that month. It’s easier to see if you’re on track / over.

  4. It would be great to be able to categorise those transactions which are marked as “excluded” from analytics spendings. For example I booked a holiday and I do not want that to be counted to my monthly spending, but would still love to categorise it so I can see how much I spent…if that makes sense? For example, say I give myself £500 to spend each month, but on the side I have been saving for my holiday. I then book my flights and accommodation for £600. I do not want it to say my budget left for the month is -£100, but I still want to see how much I have spent in the “Holiday” category. This is particularly useful when exporting transactions as excel. I believe having a secondary category for excluded tags (optional), would be most amazing.

Like I said, the application is amazing and so easy to use. I have recommended it to numerous friends and they have provided positive feedback too. That said, the above would add great additions and I’d love to hear what others think - if pushed, I’d probably say (2) and (4) are the most important to me.

Thanks a lot for all of your hard work.


Hey Ravsta!

Thank you for this really thoughtful feedback I’m so happy that Emma has been helpful for you!

1&2 are definitely great suggestions for tracking and categorising transactions! We’ll look into incorporating these in the app!

For the third suggestion do you mean you want a circle graph where the would be a line in each categorgy of your budget for that?

the fourth is an interesting suggestion we would have to put some thought into how that could be incorporated!

Again thanks for all of your feedback it really does help us make Emma better for everyone!

Hey Ainsley

Thank you for the comments :slight_smile:.

For the third suggestion, it was more for the overall spending.
It is something which Monzo do on their main UI - please see this link.
Does that make more sense?

Yes, definitely do please raise (4) with the team - I’d absolutely love that feature!

Many thanks