My two penneth - suggestions :-)

So, like (I thnk) everyone in this community, I love Emma. I’m a data-driven nerd - yes there are other competitors out there but to me Emma strikes the best balance between features, cleanliness of interface and ease of use. Personally I don’t want things like sub-categorisation because I’d end up over thinking where to put things and I only use Emma to give me an approx overview. Some thoughts / suggestions (I won’t do ones to death which have already been requested):

  1. Pro Price feels expensive. In isolation it’s only a beer a month but in 2019 these recurring subscriptions are sure stacking up. It’s worth it currently - NOT because of these extra features you get (although with yesterday’s update we went a a long way towards fixing that) but because we’re currently buying into a belief. Emma needs to be profitable or it will die. The staff (genuinely) listen, are interested, and will try to implement the most requested stuff. That is almost priceless. I personally think, although only a slight reduction, maybe £4 p/m, £18 per six months, £ 30 per 12 months, or how about £100 for an early-adopter life-time subsciption? Get some cash in early… I’d be up for that.

  2. +1 from me for web dashboards

  3. Swipe right to recategorise (so you swipe on a transaction, a popup appears asking which category it should be in and that’s it, so suddenly there’s a single swipe and click way to recategorise individual items)

  4. Under ‘accounts’ tab there’s currently ‘everyday, savings, investments’. From Barclays I’ve got about 15 accounts - this is an overhang from when I had an offset mortgage so each acc was effectively a ‘pot’ for savings / budgeting. I’d like to DITCH the everyday view (bear with me). I’d like an ‘accounts’ tab (for ALL my bank accounts whether Emma thinks they’re savings / current is irrelevant’, an 'investments tab (as we currently have), a ‘debt / loans / credit’ (1. I’m not suggesting this would be my preferred name! 2. I know other people have already requested this and I appreciate at the moment it would be manual accounts only) and then a ‘favourites’ tab to replace the everyday tab. I could decide in my favourites tab I JUST want my current account and my main credit card. Or I might want to lump my ISA in there, or maybe my joint current account and a personal account. So on each account (regardless of which tab it shows in) you can chose whether to mark it at favourite or not. I think this would be a simple change but would hugely increase the flexibility of the app.

  5. Reordering of the accounts within the tab view. I’ve got 20 accounts currently under ‘savings’. 5 are manual accounts I’ve added to track what people owe me, 5 are hidden accounts. The order Emma presents these to me isn’t logical (and seems random). I’d like to be able to drag and drop accounts above or below each other to reorder them.

  6. I’d also like to be able to click a category and then view ALL transactions against this category in date order, back to when data began. This may be impractical without a significant UI redesign so may be best to wait for the web dashboard.

I think that’s it for now. Sorry, very long post but I wanted to be belt and braces.



Hey @SonorousPedals

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this feedback, we really appreciate it!

This is definitely something we are planning on doing in the future!

This is definitely possible and I will share with the team. I can see how it would save a lot of time.

In regards to the accounts tab we have had lots of feedback about this recently with people wanting the layout to change and be flexible, it’s definitely something we can discuss! We just need to work out a way that benefits everyone’s needs.

Please keep sharing this great feedback|!

I agree with the subscription creep of 2019 being absolute rubbish too @SonorousPedals

Legit I have like 5+ right now all on yearly - it’s bloody mad

This is coming for sure. You have my word. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We want to do this in the second level of analytics.

The idea would be to remove the line graph and have a bar chart. In this way, you could either keep scrolling or even do a long press on the bar to see the month you are selecting.