Total section at the top of Feed

There should be a ‘Total’ section at the top of your Feed. This would basically be the sum of your checking, savings, investments and debt. Would help you see your total wealth grow and would be great positive reinforcement.


Hey Anna! Congrats on your first post, don’t forget to introduce yourself (Introduce yourself 👋).

This has been requested for quite sometime and we have been thinking about it. As of today, the app takes 2 different shapes.

It can either be:

  • Current
  • Savings
  • Debt


  • Cash ( Current + Savings)
  • Debt
  • Investments

How can the 4th row (total) help you?

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Hi Edoardo,

Thank you so much for getting back to me! I’d also just like to say that your app is great!

The second layout (Cash (Current + Savings), Debt, Investments) seems absolutely perfect for my needs. I am just not sure how to change my Feed to display the information in that way. How do I change the way the information is displayed?

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The app changes to the second layout when there are investments in the app. If there aren’t any, we just stick to the first. :slight_smile:

I’d like to +1 the net worth total… this should be a number near the top that I can click on and see a graph.

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+1, @edoardomoreni any plans to add this? It’s been mentioned in several threads so sorry if it has been answered before.

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Ehehhe, we know we have to do this and are thinking about it. Networth should, in theory, also include stuff like home, car and any other assets. I am not sure how we could potentially add those.

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Hmm I think there’s a bit of confusion about the terms, what I’d like is just having an “All accounts” sections in the the Accounts tab that adds them all together, or at least a total at the top of the Feed screen. Seems silly but seeing that number go up really motivates me to try to save more.

The way I dealt with other assets in the past is to add a manual account for them, which works for simple things that don’t change value often.


Yes, I do this for savings accounts.

Quick news on this. :slight_smile:

We are actually working on a total at the top of the feed. It’s coming in 3-2 weeks.