Total column on Dashboard

Any plans on having a total column on the homepage dashboard feed under the current, savings and investments totals? Be useful :slight_smile:



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I used to think I wanted this too, until I added my mortgage as a manual account. Having an overall total would just show how much in debt I am because of the mortgage. I mean I know I am, but don’t want it rubbed in my face every day. That would just be depressing. :joy:

I suppose I could add the property as a manual investment but I think it would be better to have it’s own category and to update the estimated price automatically from Zillow or another data source. Showing total net worth would be great.

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Haha good point!!

Maybe have an option to exclude a manual account from running totals for specific categories.

Just thought it be cool to have the total as net worth :slight_smile:

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Interesting… any good example of apps/services doing this?

Zillow did it in the US - not sure if part of their API but they used to display a “Zestimate”.

Zoopla in the UK my offer via API but their documentation looks old for the Estimates page -