Account visibility

Emma used to display my spending and savings accounts on the homepage. Now it only shows the total of both and I have to click to see the details.
Is this a setting or is it just gone?


It’s part of the new Emma 3.0 design that many people were commenting about. I would have suggested you added your feedback into that thread there but sadly it has just been closed - read what you may into that.


Just one of the many poorly thought out changes made in 3.0, when my subscription runs out in August I’m leaving. :roll_eyes:


We were thinking to do:

  • Everyday: current & credit cards
  • Long term: savings & investments
  • Net worth

How does it sound?

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Sounds good.

Also, it can be:
Net Worth

After these changes where will loans go?

Debt can either go in Long term or be dynamic, only shows if you have it.

Being dynamic is a good idea.

Personally, I don’t like having any categories combined as I don’t find it useful to see combined totals. I mentioned in the big 3.0 thread but my preference would be to allow users to choose which links go above net worth. If we had choice, I’d go for:

  • Current
  • Credit
  • Savings
  • Net Worth

I like this too.


What about:

Everyday (current + cards)
Networth (Debt in here)

We can also put the graphs back in savings and investments.

We don’t really support any loan accounts, so we could put debt in net worth like now.


I like the idea.

Here is what I had in mind:

Investments (Dynamic)
Loans (Dynamic)
Net Worth

The reason is that most people have debit and credit cards, some save money and few invest.

So dynamic approach might be the best option.

I don’t like this - or any combination of two categories really. However, there are people who will like it (based on comments you got in the big 3.0 thread). Unless you give choice within the app over which categories (or combination of categories) appear on the feed you won’t please everyone. In the absence of within-app choice, why not send a survey to your users to see what options are most popular.


Yeah, at the moment having credit cards and loans combined under Debt is really annoying for me. I keep track of my long term outgoings (like self assessment) with manual balances under loans, but want my credit cards balanced against my current accounts (so I get a current cash balance). Combining loans and credit cards means that won’t work any more

Edit: and ideally I’d like to move some credit cards to their own loans section, eg cards with balance transfer deals, which are more like loans.

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Am surprised this isn’t possible given it is possible to move current accounts to savings accounts.

Editing we can enable it for every type of accounts, I think for loans or cards there was an issue with numbers, but I can check with the team.

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There’s no “Change type” option for credit cards. And there’s no “Change type” option for manual accounts at all, as far as I can see :man_shrugging:

I never have such problems in Excel :wink:

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We have been thinking about this quite a bit and we are converging on this setup:

  • Everyday, Savings, Investments, Networth
  • Add graphs back for Savings & investments
  • Add ability to switch through the sections, so you don’t need to go back

This should make the experience a bit better for everyone.



This is with Everyday, Savings, Investments and Net Worth.

You can swipe through the first 3 elements of the overview.

Not bad.
I like it.

Probably you can add 3 slide bullets on the top.

So it can be more intuitive for people that swipe is available.