New Feed Design [Feedback]

Hey guys,

hope you are well.

We have been working on a small change in the Feed, which we hope we can roll out very soon.

I was wondering if you had any feedback or suggestions!

In other words, we are:

  1. Moving subscriptions at the top of the screen
  2. Moving notifications to a separate screen with the history
  3. Making Search visible
  4. Adding a bit of colour to the main numbers. :wink:


Looks nice bit more clear layout, loving the little weather icon.

You have it in the current as well - just enable location. :slight_smile:

Really love this @edoardomoreni :slight_smile:

I like all the changes :+1:

But of the main numbers why is Net Worth the only one with a symbol which presumably indicates it’s a link to another page ( > ). Assuming they retain existing functionality, all the numbers are links.

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I’d say Net Worth is the only one that goes to a different screen/transition, but I get your point.

On our side, the main change we want to do is bring subscriptions at the top of the screen.

Hard to know for sure until using it for a while but I think I will prefer this compared to having it below recent transactions


Well, as of today, it’s at the bottom of the screen. :sob:

Tapping Cash or Debt takes me to the Everyday screen. Tapping Investments goes to the Investments screen and Net Worth to the Net Worth screen, as you’d expect.

I think the whole structure needs a bit of a rethink.

For example, there are accounts under Net Worth that are not displayed under any tab in Accounts, but are included in Net Worth. You have to delve into Net Worth to see them at all.

I think for personal finance, it makes more sense to have a summary that’s more granular, such as

Current accounts
Credit cards

Then a Net Worth section with

Other etc

Personally, I’d like to be able to create my own tabs under Accounts for all accounts (ie including all the accounts now under Net Worth) and have the tab totals displayed on the feed.

This would mean you could have a business tab, a “project” tab, a current spending tab (spending accounts and credit cards) or whatever you wanted. You could break down your savings by type, if you wanted - instant access, fixed, regular. Maybe even on subsections within tabs, so you get a clear overview, but also a meaningful breakdown.

I have ISAs and p2p under investments, for example, but it would make much more sense to have them on different tabs!


@edoardomoreni can we have a play this weekend ?? :wink::wink::wink::joy:

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@edoardomoreni do a little subtle line graph in the background of each card to show trend?

Also maybe remove the 2 circles by the weather/greeting.


ahahha, maybe. :wink:

Great new view. I like it.

Why do we need weather in a finance app?

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Honestly I’d prefer having subscriptions under recent transactions as I don’t have too many of them. I do like the rest of the redesign though!

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The feed did need a revamp for quite a while, so that’s good it’s happening. Some things are expensive to waste screen real estate (especially vertically) on, so my opinion:

  1. No need for the weather - irrelevant to a financial app. I can look out of the window or already set it in my Google assistant widget on my phone home screen. Takes up a wasted vertical space.
  2. I don’t have debts/loans, some people don’t invest. Potentially a few chunky boxes with £0 which won’t change, so you might want to allocate them dynamically depends on user’s portfolio. Or make them horizontally scrollable (with the third one peaking a little bit from the edge, to give a clue that it’s scrollable). Alternatively, let the user the option too customise the order or what to show and what to hide.
  3. The top/bottom padding of the boxes could be minimised a little bit.
  4. I don’t have subscriptions other than rent and mobile, so it’ll be a bit of a waste seeing it before everything else (with not a lot to show anyway). Also, is like to believe people are more familiar with their upcoming payments or in general know what to expect from them, whether “recent transactions” are less predictable and are very dynamic and worth observing - so I believe they should swap places.
  5. And if we’re already dealing with “recent transactions”, please fix the long running issue of showing only payments with date<today. I’ve edited one of my transactions date to be May 2021 (live show), and it’s simple stuck to the top of the life of transactions and won’t go away until the date arrives. If you let people edit transactions to a later date (which you do), they should be treated as such. I’ve left more ideas how to tackle this previously in the requests thread.
  6. Maybe like in The Guardian, give the user full access to customise the order in which the different widgets appear in the feed (order and showing/hiding)

Suppose you don’t really need it, but I think it’s quite nice to have!

You can turn it off if you don’t want to see it though :blush:

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Hey @y.winter :wave:

Thanks for your comments!

I think this is our plan! Like the idea of being able to customise which order the boxes go in!

I’m not sure about this you know! I guess it depends on how many subscriptions or bills you have? If you have loads of upcoming payments then I think it would be more useful to have this first?

Maybe we could look at making this view a little more customisable :raised_hands:

It has been there since day one. :wink: There are a lot of things that do not make sense in Emma. :crazy_face:

It’s good to see Emma is still improving.

I think the only feature left for me would be a review feature that lets me to categorise all transactions I have not yet gone through.

Specifically because Emma often automatically excludes transactions that I have to ‘unexclude’ which is not so easy to do, for example if a relative bank transfers me some money to order them something on Amazon I will exclude that Amazon transaction and then the next time I buy something on Amazon for myself it is auto excluded so I have to find this is in the ‘excluded’ transactions section at the bottom inside the budgeting screen.

Sometimes it’s 5-6 days before going into Emma to categorise the transactions so a review feature for categorising transactions the same as they do in Quickbooks would be a killer feature.

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