Cash and savings

Hey team,

Can we split the cash setting. Currently my Savings (manually added account) is included in my total Cash on the main page. I would love if we could change this to add it to either investment or savings as its not disposable cash to me.


Hey @Aidnwryan,

thanks for the suggestion!

The main reason why we aggregate it is not to have 5 rows. :frowning:

At this point, it’s either: Cash, Debt, Investments, Net Worth or Current, Savings, Debt, Net Worth.

If you don’t have any investments, you should see Savings.

I do have a nutmeg account but I’ve no debt. I’d rather the option of putting the savings into investments than into cash

I’m not sure I would class a savings account as investments though as it’s still liquid cash you can access easily

I’m personally okay with savings being classified as cash as that’s what it is

On the topic of aggregation, why not aggregate things the same way in the feed card and accounts tab?

The Debt category in the feed presumably aggregates credit cards and loans but there is no Debt category in the Accounts tab. Instead credit cards are aggregated into an Everyday category.

I think it’s a bit confusing that the aggregation behaviour differs depending on where you are in the app.

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Yeah, I ignore the info on the feed screen and just go to Accounts to see what’s what. Current accounts total, credit cards total (though ideally I’d like to split this into current month and longer term…), then overall and sub totals for savings, investments and loans (which I also use to track my tax and upcoming purchases) give me the big picture

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I have been thinking about this a lot and was wondering if it makes sense to put the accounts in the feed.

This is an American competitor that has an overview very similar to ours, but also a dropdown to see the Accounts.

Screenshot 2021-10-03 at 10.59.50

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They also have the sync button just right below investments as well as “Manage” without an Accounts tab.

I think we’d all be happy with personal ability to put things into whichever tab we want. Like my account is in Savings causes Moneybox doesn’t give an option to sync with Emma, but its a LISA account so its not “easily accessible and liquid”. It has to be used for certain things.
But if all tabs were personally modifiable that we could put them in which ever tab we felt suited our use for them.
Another thing I’d like to be able to change is the budget planing. While I get paid weekly, most of my budgets are monthly, so if I put in the payday as weekly the analytics change to weekly too, meaning I can’t get a proper idea of what my monthly spending habits are as easily. Again if we could personalise this view would be great.

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This would certainly suit me. If the dropdown showed accounts in subgroups with subtotals too, it would be a near perfect snapshot of my current finances

From my perspective, there are two possibilities that would be preferable to the current arrangement on the feed card:

  1. If you want to limit the feed card to fewer categories than there are in the accounts tab, let users choose what categories appear in the feed card.

  2. If you want it to be non-configurable, precisely map the feed card to the categories in the accounts tab (I guess this is something similar to the screenshot you’ve shared).

I’d be happy with either.

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For us, it’s a way to remove 1 tab and make it easier / more accessible in the first place, but yes there is lots that can be done there. :slight_smile:

I’ve found a way to sort my issue. Just upload the account manually into investments and its done!

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