Display total money of all accounts

It would be good if displayed in Emma was total amount in all accounts - current, saving, crypto etc.

In Yolt, it shows a total of how much you have in all your various accounts.

I know its not the hardest thing in the world adding 2-3 numbers together but would be nice :slight_smile:


Yes, we were thinking of including net worth in the app, but it’s a bit different. :wink:


Yes please!

Whats the latest on this? Just wondered

We are definitely going to add networth in the app with the ability to add all your assets, but haven’t started yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just seen that this is coming soon (in a few weeks) :slight_smile: Total section at the top of Feed

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Yeah, exciting stuff!! :slight_smile:

excited gif

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It’s coming tomorrow in a simplified version - we’ll add some Pro features on top later on. :wink:


Boom!!! :muscle::muscle:

Android users should already have this (the update is live / coming). :slight_smile:

This is nice little improvement, though seeing my net worth makes me :pensive: (I’m practically worthless :joy:)

Just noticed that the “debt” value doesn’t have a negative sign. A bug?

We never added a negative sign. :slight_smile: