Start Investing With Emma

Hey everyone! :grinning:

Have you seen that we’ve added a couple more investment platforms into Emma? :raised_hands:

We now have Wealthsimple, Nutmeg, Coinbase, Fidelity, and Etoro!

You can even connect Wealthsimple, Nutmeg, and Coinbase direct to your Emma account :bear:

Does anyone use any of these platforms? Or, have you tried a few of them and now have a favourite?

I used Coinbase during my experiment with crypto, but closed it when my money dropped dramatically.

Should have put it in Premium Bonds instead lol

Or perhaps kept it in Bitcoin…

Na. I bought at the top of that peak, in the middle of your graph.

Though, yes, loss would not have been so severe.

I only played with £100 though, so wasn’t end of the world.

Only play with what you can afford to lose

I’ve used their platform for a while, but opened the accounts via (now defunct) Cavendish. Horrendous website layout. App is just a skin. SIPP was cheap via the Cavendish route though. Now switched to Vanguard.

They’ve been constantly upgrading, but with no change, as far as I can see. Fidelity just looks and feels very old school and fusty, so likely to put off first time investors or anyone used to decent websites and apps!

I use Nutmeg but will be considering switching potentially. They are very easy to work with, great customer service, decent site. App is not as good as the website but it’s not terrible.

Have just connected my Coinbase account to Emma. The GBP value of my crypto is being reported differently when comparing Emma and Coinbase.

Is Emma reading the crypto value and then converting to GBP? Or is it reading both crypto value and coverted GBP value from Coinbase?

Oooo I’m not sure. Can you reach out to live-chat and then they can look into this properly for you! :blush:

What’s making you want to switch? And any idea who you’ll switch too?

Im not sure yet, I need to see if there is a cheaper LISA for me, and then if I want to combine LISA and ISA into a single platform, potentially with pension too. Nutmeg can do all of that but it’s not known for being the cheapest :frowning:

There are so few LISA options that you’re limiting yourself quite a bit if you go for everything in the same place

I appreciate but I prefer few providers over cost. It’s not set in stone, if it’s terrible I won’t do it.

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