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I’m Lilli, Head of Community and Brand here at Emma :raising_hand_woman:t3:

If you are new to Emma and have just joined us, please feel free to ask any questions about the app and if you need help using certain features just comment below!


There doesn’t seem to be anyone answering emails at Emma. Is this normal?

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We read/answer them all. Deletion requests take about a week. :slight_smile:

I’ve a handful of friends I’ve inspired to use Emma, that unfortunately don’t have a UK, US or Canadian bank account. They signed up purely to use it with PayPal and Coinbase. However, when attempting to add PayPal or Coinbase they are told they need to add bank account first. Would you consider removing this requirement?


Hey @BendikHa

It doesn’t make sense for us to get rid of this requirement right now. It’s great that we can give the option for users to connect to things like Coinbase and Paypal, but in order to use Emma’s main features payday, you need to connect to a bank account.


He just wants that referral prize. :stuck_out_tongue:

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(However, Emma would be great for people to use even with just their PayPal and Coinbase)


Ahahha come on, they wouldn’t be able to use a single feature!

I would disagree. Connecting Coinbase and other crypto wallets give you a way to track your balance and the evolution of the coin over time. I’ve 99% of my subscriptions and most of my online purchases through PayPal. Although it won’t cover all of my spending, it would cover quite a lot of it. I don’t think I’m alone there.

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Just starting using Emma and find most of it vastly better than the alternatives. Is there any way to enter transactions manually. I have created a cash account for general cash expenses however its not much use when you are unable to enter any transactions to effect the balance.


Hey @ni_reaper

Welcome to the community!

You can create a manual account in Emma pro for Cash balances which you can update but at the moment there is no way to enter transactions manually.

This is something the team are working on though so keep an eye out on the forum for new features and releases. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions

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Is there any way check money spent on particular category for certain period( similar to “what did I spend” time filter.

Secondly the box “what did I spend” doesn’t show all the tags and stores. The only way around to check is search function but that doesn’t give me total or date filter. Any solutions?

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If you click ‘Analytics’ and then click a certain category you can see what you spent since November last year in the form of a graph and If you hold down somewhere along the line it will tell you the amount spent. Not sure if that helps?

Also if you click into the ‘what did I spend’ section you can click hashtags and it should show all of the hashtags attached to your transactions? I just added one to a transaction, closed the app and reopened it and it was there.

A glance of what is the spent on each category by hoovering on the graph is not quite helpful and doesn’t help with real analytics. Date filter would help a lot to analyze expenses by each categories in certain period.

Somehow it doesn’t show all the hashtags in what did I spent box. I killed and reopen app many times. I have 37 tags and it shows 15 only. Looks like you might have cap on max number of # shows in box, but there should be some way to see the analysis for other now shown.

Yes I understand this is good feedback and yes there must be cap on the number of tags (I don’t have that many!)

Please add any feedback you have about the product in this feed so the team can review: USA & Canada Feedback :slight_smile:

Is it possible to force Emma somehow to load data that is older than 1 year?

Hey not at the moment!

Over the last year I’ve had quite a few refunds from merchants such as Amazon, Apple, ProtonMail, Walmart (among others). The issue here is that although the expense is listed as a merchant, the refund is listed as a seperate transaction without a connection to the merchant. I’ve manually placed the transactions in the same category so they balances out, but since incoming transfers are not tied to a merchant, it does not balance out on the merchant statistics.

With expenses I can suggest a proper merchant name and image by giving you their Twitter-handle, but how do I do this with incoming payments (Ex: Refunds, salary, other)?

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@BendikHa You are not new to Emma :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is not possible at the moment but it is something we are considering for the future!

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I might not be new to Emma, but I still do have questions haha