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Hey Everyone!

My name is Lilli and I am Head of Community and Brand here at Emma. :raising_hand_woman:t3:

I just wanted to welcome all of our new users from the US and Canada! :wave:

We would absolutely love to know what you think of the app so far and how you are getting on?

Can’t find one of your banks? Add which bank you would like to see in Emma here :rocket:

If you have any questions that you would like to ask myself or the team, please comment below:

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A glance of what is the spent on each category by hoovering on the graph is not quite helpful and doesn’t help with real analytics. Date filter would help a lot to analyze expenses by each categories in certain period.

Somehow it doesn’t show all the hashtags in what did I spent box. I have 37 tags and it shows 15 only. Looks like you might have cap on max number of # shows in box, but there should be some way to see the analysis for other not shown.

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Pending transaction is very annoying as you can not edit the category or tag it until it clears. I understand some which are pre auth and not finalized but 90% of the transaction are normal in nature where u know what u just spend today or yesterday. It is very easy to change the category or put a tag at the same time. As there is no way to keep a track of those when it clears and that time I have to find those to change the information. It is very annoying specially when my Amex card takes 3-4 days to just show up the transaction in the app.



@nilsej We’re actually working on both these issues. For the moment though, if you would like to see all your spending underneath one tag you can find a transaction with that tag, then click on the tag, and it should show you the spending related to that tag.
The pending transaction issue is a bit more complicated. And is essentially because the banks often don’t give us much information on pending transactions, making it difficult for us to categorise or match them. We previously had issues with them really skewing the analytics making them unusable for 3-4 days until the transactions cleared (e.g. if you transferred $1000 to yourself, but everything says you spent $1000). So we just don’t include them in analytics or for editing until they clear.
However, we are currently working on some cleaver machine learning stuff which will hopefully allow us to solve this issue :grin:.
Thanks for the feedback, rest assured we’re working to fix these problems :pray:t5:

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Thanks for the tag workaround it will help in the meanwhile you guys improve it.

I understand complication behind pending transaction and trust you guys will come up with some better solution. How about unread mark like we have in emails. So if in case somebody want to tag him their way or put a note or upload a receipt they can do so without forgetting. Or at least allow to add note to them so we can put the note and at later date if we forget to enter relevant information we have note to remind that.