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Hi Joel. Thanks for starting this thread.

I’ve managed to add my Amex credit card so am now tracking those transactions.

Should I exclude payments to Amex to stop Emma double counting my payments? Or does the app know not to do that? If I don’t add the payment will the Amex spend still show as a debt??

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No worries @Patricia235. It’s good to have these sorts of places :slight_smile:

Emma should automatically categorise repayments to any credit card as ‘Excluded’. However, if it doesn’t, you should exclude these payments manually. After several re-categorisations of your repayments, Emma will learn and should start assigning these automatically in the future.

For debt, if your Amex balance decreases (i.e. -£500 to -£300), your debt balance will also decrease. If the balance of your Amex card changes, your debt balances will also change to reflect this regardless of whether repayments are categorised as ‘excluded’

Does that help answer your question?

Thanks Joel

Think it does. I’ll check how it works after I make next payment


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Is Newcastle building society going to become an option soon?
Thank you

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Hiya @Stacey :wave:

It is on our radar but we haven’t had many requests for it to be added. We’re trying to prioritise integrations based on their popularity so if we see more people requesting Newscastle Building Society we’ll move it up on our priority list :top:

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What would it take to get custom categories as a free feature? I can’t bring myself to pay for something that is implemented free on a competitors app!

Is there a current ‘working table’ to show what integrations you are prioritising?

Strictly UK speaking, not a set table but we’re very aware of which future integrations are popular.

The speed at which we add them is dependent on a couple of things

  1. Has our provider integrated with the banks API?
  2. Does it have the demand? (We track this through the integrations thread on the community)

At the moment, integrations are on the back burner while we work on other features as well as working with our providers to get our current integrations moved to Open Banking. Open Banking is a much larger beast than it may appear and banks are still ironing out all the issues…much to my daily frustration :grimacing:


If you could add your own custom categories in the free version, what would you add?

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Competitors are unusable or sell your data to make money. :slight_smile:

Please can you let me know when Newcastle building society is going to be added as an option. Thank you

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We’ll do our best to keep everyone in the loop :wink:

Ive got a Lloyds account and a Santander account Emma wont pick up. Any idea why? I have other accounts with same banks that are showing up.

Hey @TOria!

Welcome to the Community :partying_face:

I’ve responded to your question via chat just with a few questions. Let me know and I can take a closer look :relaxed:

Okay, newbie here (but not completely tech illiterate). I’m using the subscriptions feature so I can get an idea of money available between now and payday. Seems to be going okay. Emma added loads of items from my current account and I went through and edited here and there, often to correct the amount or payment date. The problem I have is that two of my regular payments don’t show up at all. I go into “Manage your subscriptions”, locate them using search, make them monthly, etc. They show up in my ‘manage your subscriptions’ list but not in my “Committed” list, so my projected figures are out. I’ve tried deleting and recreating. I even tried adding a one-off payment I once made to Tesco and changed the name to PayPal … and that one worked! Wrong icon but at least it showed up in my Committed list. I can see no difference between these two items and others that have added successfully. I’ve checked dates, frequency, duplications. At my wits end here and any suggestions very welcome.

Hey @bigfatpolarbear!

When are these subscriptions due to be paid? If they’ve already been paid, they won’t show until your next budgeting period

Both in the future (2nd Jan and 16th Jan). The only thing that occurred to me is that they both have varying amounts in their history. So when I select one I’m given a brief list of previous transactions and I select the most appropriate. If I select a one-off
payment such as the Tesco one I mentioned it works fine. This might be a hint or a red herring.


Could you send me a screenshot of these subscriptions in the ‘Subscription’ section of your ‘Feed’ tab via chat so I can take a closer look?

Show me where the chat is? Also, the situation has got worse. Whereas before I could grab a transaction and it would show in my ‘manage your subscriptions’ but not in my ‘committed’, now when I select a transaction and say ‘mark as a recurring’ it doesn’t even get added to ‘manage your subscriptions’. I can send a screen recording once I know where the chat is. Thanks for taking an interest in this Joel.