Net Worth Calculation

Pleeeease make that and send us a pic :joy:

This is really cool! Is it just a little side hustle you have, or more for fun?

We are also adding a Net Worth graph. :slight_smile:

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Haha will see what I can do as I have a few friends style shirts in the works for my Etsy store :slight_smile:

It started off as I run and play in loads of squash tournaments and wasn’t overly impressed with designs, costs and turnaround times of some print companies so I did my own ones and before I knew it people were asking where I got my T-shirts printed and I started doing some for other, events, clubs and teams…with lockdown stopping squash for a few months, I’ve been playing around with some non-squash designs to go on my Etsy store to raise some cash for some good causes and to sponsor smaller events for up and coming pro players.

Works for me and keeps me busy in my spare time :slight_smile:


Great news :grin::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Just put it in as a tax at whatever percent above the income threshold - after all, that’s what it is

That’s amazing!!

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Although both these things are flexible, I think the Net Worth bit needs to have a ‘approx mortgage outstanding’ section to delete off the ‘asset value’ of your house. Appreciate they move over time, but if I’ve a £120k house, with £100k outstanding - it doesn’t feel accurate to say I’ve £120k

Hey @APW :wave:

Thanks for the suggestion!

Where would you see this going in the app? In the section for Real Estate? Or under loans?

I’d say in the Real Estate bit - so it’s tied together. They’re both manual so it’s easy to give it an update every year or so.

Also… I put the value in (so the £125-£100 for example), but then the boost of my Net Value felt too high…

Is there a better option for Net Value being liquid (so more immediate and controllable… Technically most cash/investment assets are pretty liquid) and then house or car etc might total up elsewhere - for net net view??

Personally, I’d prefer to do away with the sections anyway and let users group their accounts any way they want. I would have something like “Main current accounts”, “Everyday credit cards”, “Balance transfer credit cards”, “ISAs” and so on. But why not a “My house” section with one account for the value of the property and one for the mortgage?

The “Everyday” section is actually a bit confusing alongside the Net Worth structure. And you end up with Assets tucked away in a far corner of the app.

Edit: It would be great to be able to group categories under Analytics for the same reason

This is quite a nice idea - a few more detailed headers instead of just spending/ committed spending?

Ideally, I’d love to organise my categories into groups and have those groups displayed under the spending and committed spending. But just being able to sort by category would be good!

Do you have many custom categories too?

Yes, lots now! :joy:

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Hahah :sweat_smile:

I do think it’s a cool idea - especially if you have lots of categories!

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There are a few ways I think the net worth feature could be improved:

Custom categories
I would like to see a few different groupings of my accounts/assets - e.g. liquid net worth (with current accounts, savings and some investments) and total net worth (adding in real estate and mortgage and some other investments).

I added the value of my flat and mortgage but then was doing mental maths to remove the equity from my net worth to get liquid net worth most of the time, so I ended up just removing it.

Similarly I have put my pension pot under “other assets” instead of “investments” and mentally deduct this total sometimes as it is not accessible until I reach retirement age.

I think you could have the current headings but allow custom ones to be added to solve this.

Joint assets
This might be a separate broader feature request but I also have joint assets with my wife and personal assets, and ideally I’d like to be able to slice net worth a few different ways regarding these (only looking at joint assets or looking at all of them together). Net worth category tags that can be filtered on would allow for various combinations, e.g. joint + liquid. In another app I tried out before settling on Emma I saw they had the option to add a percentage that each account contributes to your net worth.

For some reason some account types allow you to input in foreign currencies but others don’t. My flat is in Australia but the value could only be input in sterling, the mortgage however could be put in AUD and is automatically converted. The currency conversion is quite a good feature, I think you should just add it to all account types.


Hey @Greg :wave:

Welcome to the Emma Community!

Thanks for your feedback :blush:

It seems that everyone wants to manage this section in slightly different ways so this could be an option.

Which app was this? :blush:

I didn’t specify because I didn’t remember which one :slightly_smiling_face:. I went and checked and it was Moneyhub.

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Awesome, thanks for checking!

Morning everyone!

We recently added a new savings goal feature that lets you add targets for each of your savings accounts.

Just an idea but what do you think about the option to add a net worth target too?